Monday, 5 March 2012

Afraid of colors???

I'm 99% sure that I'm not the only one out there that gets a bit sweaty under the pits (lets be blunt about it) on a night out, or heading out on a 'date', or in anxious situations.... For years I was TERRIFIED to stray from good old reliable black and other dark colours just incase there were some sweaty patches.. Lets face it, its not the most attractive (sorry halle)

After years of trying 100s of different deodorants, keeping tissue under my pits before heading out, hoping for a lotto win for botox, and contemplating just staying in forever, I found a solution whilst travelling last year..... SURE MAXIMUM PROTECTION....

I swear this is the best thing since sliced pan.... I was a bit scared at the start which prob made me sweat a wee bit more, but no, still no sweat patches!!! HOORAY!!!!!!! Sure recommend that you apply the deodorant at night time and let it work its magic over night, however if you are like me and would feel strange without putting deo on in the morning it does work just as well.... thee only one wee problem i have is the white marks the deo leaves, however i will live with this as the results are remarkable!!! I think if you do apply at night you would probably escape the white marks... This deo is available in most retailers for approx £6.25 or €8.00... Well worth the spend and last for a good month at least!!!!!

Whilst travelling I got my hands on the Dove alternative, but haven't been able to locate in the UK or Ireland since my return... This is also amazing for sweaty pits (or lack of as it would be)... Just as good as the sure!!

Go one ladies, give it a try and enjoy all the colourful clothes that summer brings without the fear of the dreaded sweaty pits!!!!!!!

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