Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Choccy philly... delish or disaster

So after drooling over all the promo pictures of the cadburys philadelphia, I finally got my hands on some courtesy of my work colleague just in time for pancake Tuesday...

I'm a MAHOOSIVE philly fan, I could eat it all day long.... and as for choc and cheese together, ye cant get much better......unless you add some king/tayto into the mix.... nom nom nom :) so needless to say I was super excited about getting home and stuffing my face...

So I get home, slave (slight exaggeration) away making the pancakes for me and the bf, spread a generous serving of choc philly on mine and horse it down like there is no tomorrow... much to my disappointment it didn't  make me want another one straight away, in fact I felt v v full and bleugh... feeling full is also unusual for me, I'm a bottomless pit according to my Da...

Since that faithful night the choc philly has sat in the fridge untouched... it did absolutely nothing for my taste buds.... i think it does deserve a second chance but I'm unsure as to what to put it on... maybe digestive bickies?????

I feel disappointed again even writing this, however I'm no food critic so let me know what y'all think of it??

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