Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Top 10 Fine Things!!!

So its that time of the year when we are required by to rattle our brains and come up nwith our top 10 fine things as part of their survey 50 fine things....

I found it extremely difficult to come up with 10 Irish hotties I must say, surely there are more fine things out there then the 4 I cam up with... So after a bit of googling and speaking to one of my lady friends I came up with this lot....

No. 10 Johnathan Rhys Meyers  

No. 9 Liam Neeson (more handsome than a fine thing)

No. 8 Michael Fassbender

No.7 Bernard Brogan

No. 6 Nicky Byrne

No. 5 Brian O'Driscoll

No. 4 Mikey Conway

No. 3 Paul Galvin

No. 2 Tommy Bowe

No.1 ................................. Drum Roll Please

I've no doubt that I have missed out on a few fine things along the way but sure hey im happy with my picks... What do the rest of you ladies think!!!


  1. I wonder how close to the real list this will be?! I say a lot of them will on be on it!

    1. Do you think so?? My BF reckons I have shocking taste apart from himself obv!! ha!!!!

  2. Well, Liam Nesson, Paul Galvin, Bressie, Fassbender, Bowe, BOD and JRM will probably be there! They were in previous years. Not sure about the GAA guys, I don't recognize the names. And it seems to be hit and miss when it comes to the Westlife lads!

    I say Jedward himself will be far up, the Jedheads have been out in force! And possible Niall from One Direction, if all those Directioners know about it!

    1. omg jedward.... that feels wrong...

  3. lol, those teenagers have a lot to answer for!

    1. haha id prob be star struck meeting 1d tho, and jedward too haha!!!


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