Monday, 26 March 2012

Oompa Lumpa doom-pa-dee-do....


I dont know about yee, but the sunshine changes my whole 'aura'... I feel more positve about getting up for work, about doing housework, exercising and am generally a happier person!!

However I still look like frosty the snowman or the milkybar kid as the BF likes to put it :) 
So in the sunny months I like to give myself a little glow with some tan, just to take away the whiteness... I'd prob still be frosty put up beside the likes of Amy Childs but I think natural is they key when fake tanning..


I've tried and tested many a tan, from cheap and cheerful Rimmel sun shimmer to the pricey Fake Bake, results varying from looking sun kissed to tangoed... I've now settled with Lancome Flash Bronzer Milk.... I love love love this tan and its worth every penny/cent in my opinion... Its very easy application as it has a slight tint in the milk, I use nurses gloves to apply, and do so before I go to bed... Sleep with loose pjs. Have a shower as normal the next morning, I reapply the 2nd night just for that bit extra...
The tan will fade naturally after a week approx if you exfoliate in the shower. As I'm very freckly on the arms in particular this tan looks really natural!! I've also used the gel and it works just as well :) Milk is just my personal preference.

Debenhams €35.00 / £25.00
Last summer I invested in Lancome Flash Bronzer face gel... AMAZING!! I apply this at night all over my face and down on to my neck, make sure you rub it right into the hairline as you may be left with a tan line!! I also use a damp cotton bud and rub it over my eyebrows and 'ronnie' area to ensure it doesn't gather and look darker!! You will wake up in the morning as if you have been on your jollies :) 

Debenhams - €28.97 / £22.00

If your not in the market for both buys, you can use the body milk/gel on your face too by mixing a wee bit with some of your moisturiser, works a treat :) These products may be a bit pricey but if you find yourself buying a lot of different tans at lower prices just to find a good one and having half empty bottles all over the house, I would highly recommend taking the plunge and invest in this!!

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