Wednesday, 28 March 2012

True match my arse!!

"true match perfectly matches the color and texture of your skin for a flawless finish"

This foundation comes in an impressive 20 shades, bound to find one to suit your skin tone. L'oreal boasts True Match to be super blendable with the ability to hide imperfections with its fine creamy texture. 

After using L'oreal foundations before, reading this and seeing the range of colors and the price tag of £9.99 (cant get a euro price atm) I decided to pick up this as part of my search for the perfect foundation. 

As mentioned before I'm as pale as you can get, but my cheeks have a bit of redness and with a few spots here and there I had high hopes for this foundation to hide my imperfections.

I am so disappointed. Its probably one of the worst I've used. The texture is NOT creamy, its so watery, it slides right off the back of my hand. I shook the life out of it thinking it would thicken up but it didn't at all. 

I've applied it in many different ways trying to get the 'flawless coverage', with a kabuki brush, a flat brush, and my fingers. I have used it with primer and without. The results stay the same. Very little coverage, and after an hour or two I look like I have scaley skin. I was morto one day in work when I looked at myself in the mirror I looked like a snake that had melting skin. This foundation has no staying power, rubs off with the slightest touch. All round very disappointed. 

However as I am about to post this I get a comment from Hannah who has said she is using True Match and getting on good with it. Therefore I decide I'll give it another go. As I apply it before work, I know its not going to be a good face day. Yet again its running off the back of may hand, I look like death warmed up, and the coverage is shite!! I would of been better going bare faced. 

(the photos I took of my face came out crap on my camera sorry)

Well that's just my experience and I would love to hear how you are getting on with this product?????


  1. I'm not convinced, based on what you've written...a good appraisal!
    Would love you to stop by my blog & check out my latest outfit post!
    Happy Tuesday hun xoxo

    1. Thanks for stopping by adele x will have a goo @ yours now!!!

  2. Yeah I found it the same. It matches my skin ok but still the lightest shade seems to go on the right shade but once its on my skin for a few minutes it goes a good shade darker. I found the coverage was medium and certainly wouldnt give a flawless complexion for anyone with even the smallest amount of redness or spots. And it does wear of way to quick and it does give you that scaley look. Also if you touch your face while this is one it tranfers and then your left with a beautiful mark on your face. When I first tried this I did a review on it but I really think I need to do an updated review on it. So now you have it your not the only one who had probs with this foundation. Thanks for the review xx


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