Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Give me a second chance - Day 1 Vichy Dermablend

As I mentioned in yesterdays post here I'm gonna give my foundations a second chance using a different skin care regime.

So this morning I ditched the Vichy Normaderm range and went with Clean and Clear cream wash followed by Nivea moisturiser for oily combination skin. I used rimmels fix & pro primer and applied my Vichy dermablend with a duo-fibre brush. Feeling poistive and hoping i would still be fab (sniggers to myself) by lunch I left for work!!

10.30am update - 3 hours after application:
Caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror there enroute to make the coffees and was met by a lady who looks like she doesnt have a notion how to apply foundation (thats moi btw)

I'm not sure if the photo below will do it justice, but I can tell you that my face is a bloody mess already.
10.30am VILE

I'm actually morto here and want to scrub it all off but I'm also interested to see how much worse it get throughout the day... 

3pm Update - 6 1/2 hours after application: 
I look a holy show... Honest to god I look like somene who applied their foundation in the dark. Ye know that feeling you get of pastels (the arty kind) thats what my face feels like to touch. I have zero coverage left and its sinking right into my pores :( get me home so i can scrub scrub scrub....

3pm - the hack of me

7.30pm Update - 12 hours after application:
Think the picture says it all... My red grease ball face is on show for the world to see.... So disappointed... 
7pm - greasy sae
Needless to say I'm disappointed, but I will give another few days using my old skin care regime and see if there is an improvement!!


  1. oh i love dermablend, your skin looks a lot like mine in colour and texture , i bought a lancome foundation yesterday after reading a post you did but i got the teint idole ultra 24 hrs, i love it so far i think im going to get a darker shade so i can wear it with tan on nights out

    1. oh im dying to get my paws on the 24hr one as soon as i have some spare cash, let us know how u get on :)

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