Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Give me a second chance day 4 and 5 - L'oreal True Match

& so it continues... still using the old face washes and moisturisers that I have mentioned here in order to determine if there if Vichy Normaderm could be the reason my foundations aren't sitting right.

Day 4 - Sat: I wasn't leaving the house so didn't put any slap on, Jaysus I'm ghost like these days, a holiday would go down lovely!!!

Day 5 - I decided to use the L'oreal True Match again... If you read my review on this you will see I'm not the biggest fan, (you can check it out here) but said I'd give it one more try.

Glad i didn't go many places on Sunday cause I looked a holy show... The foundation still didn't sit well on my face, look like i had scales at one stage, everything i hate about this foundation happened.

I didn't even take pictures cause I was that morto!!! Even the BF was like 'eh throw that out'..

Frustrated much....

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