Friday, 20 April 2012

L'oreal Infallible Brush Foundation Review

This is the fourth part of my search for the 'perfect' foundation.

L'oreal Infallible Brush claims to be long lasting and non-transfer. The high precision brush makes application easy and gives a matte finish! It comes in six shades!!

I first bought this foundation before christmas looking for a cheap replacement to my loved YSL Perfect Touch. I was very impressed first time round.

Some people are sceptical about the quality of the brush you get on these foundations, but I think they shouldn't be dismissed so fast. The brush is good quality in my humble opinion and makes for very easy application.

You simply twist the bottle and foundation comes out through the brush. I then rub the foundation on the back of my hand and refer to that from application. I found (first time around) that this foundation sat well on my face, gave me enough coverage for my redness and spots, but still allowed my freckles to be seen through.

However my second purchase of this foundation hasn't left me as happy. I went for a lighter color, 125 rose, as I felt it would suit my paler skin better without washing me out. This shade however gives me a yellowy color and seems to be pretty dark still. It matches my skin better when I'm wearing my fake tan but is still by no means a great match.

Furthermore I don't find the formula as good in my second bottle, while it doesn't transfer which is a HUGE positive it somehow doesn't seem to settle 'perfectly' on my skin!!!

Overall I do quiet like this foundation, and it does provide me with quiet good coverage, it doesn't transfer on to my sticky paws!!!

Have any of y'all been using this, if so how do you find it???


  1. I havent tried this infallible foundation with the brush but my everyday foundation is the infallible foundation with the pump. I think the one with the pump has a better shade range. I use the lightest shade and its just the tiniest bit dark for me but once I blend it down my neck its fine and looks natural. I really it. But Im not sure if the have the same formula. I have a review on my blog if you want to check it out xxx

    1. oh i must pop over and have a wee look xx


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