Monday, 16 April 2012

March Glossy Box

So after reading a few Glossy Box reviews I decided to sign up to see what the craic is. Basically you can sign up and once a month you get a box of sample products for £12.95 per month. There is also no minimum subscription which is great if you decide to opt out. 
Products vary from month to month, but you do fill in a questionnaire type thing that lets you tell them what kinda thing you like. 

 So as this was my first glossy box I nearly wet myself with excitement when it came to the office!!! It was the March Harrods edition & this is what was inside my box when my fumbling paws managed to open it. 

Versace - Vanitas Eau de Parfum
I wasn't too sure about this @ the start but the smell has grown on me and I LOVE it now. Great and handy for the handbag. Lovely fresh floral summery smell!!

RéVive - Intensite Creme Lustre SPF 30
Havent tried this one yet as I'm currently experimenting with Vichy so don't want to interupt the regime. Smells yummy tho and a nice texture. And with and SPF30 sure you couldn't go wrong. 

Clairins - Extra Firming Body Cream
This has a nice thick creamy texture but I don't think I will see any firming results from such a wee bottle but still nice to slap on after the shower!

Leighton Denny - High Performance Nail Color 3 Times a Lady
I love nail varnishes more than any other beauty accessory so I was very excited to try this. As we all know pastels are in so this pinky colour is 'bang on trend'. I applied two coats ans the colour was fab, HOWEVER little bubbles appeared out of nowhere on day two of wear. Still cant figure out how air bubbles got trapped.   Bit odd but must admit I'd be reluctant to splash out on a large bottle in case the same happened.

Bliss - Blood Orange & White Pepper Body Butter

Remeber that orange medicine you used to get when you were small, well this is what it smells like. Its yummy. A wee bit overwhelming perhaps if you don't like strongly fragrant body butters. I wont be rushing out to buy however as Bliss is pretty pricey and there are a lot more affordable scented body butters out there!!!

Any of y'all get this glossy box???? 

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