Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Something Lush for the Mammy

I was heading home to the lovely Curragh of Kildare for the Easter weekend and decided to bring something back for the Ma. 

After being converted to a Lush lover after a trip to the Brent Cross branch, whose staff were amazing, I decided to grab her a few wee bits she could try as I knew she had never heard of Lush let alone used any of their products.

I love lush's values which in brief are: 

"ingredients only from companies that do not commission tests on animals and in testing our products on humans."

"We invent our own products and fragrances, we make them fresh by hand using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients and tell you when they were made"

So here's what I picked up for the lovely Mammy...

The smell of this yummy shower gel will have you watering at the mouth so keep a tissue at hand for the instore dribbling!!! Ma says the smell stays on your skin after the shower which is great!! It retails @ £3.15

"This is once, twice, three times a grapefruit : We freshly squeeze pink grapefruit juice, we make the peel into grapefruit water then we add grapefruit essential oil."

Happy Hippy 100ml

I was very intrigued by the whole shampoo bar concept so I decided to use Ma as a test dummy. She has short hair so decided to go for one that would give volume. This bar is made with IRISH (yahoo) moss and nori seaweed. Mammy thinks this is fecking brill, its doesn't disintegrate in your hands as we were afraid it would. She says it smells delish and another plus is she doesn't need to use conditioner with it!! 
This retails @ a £5er.

"A shampoo bar with seaweed to soften and sea salt to give body."
Seanik 55g
 Last but not at all least is the lip scrub. This is another yummy product. Tastes like mint choc chip, once again tissues at the ready for the drooling. Not sure how Ma felt about this one, she just said 'cool'. I'm not sure she is convinced of its effectiveness but I'm hoping she will give it a fair go. I personally think the lip scrubs are great. they retail @ £4.95.

"Clears dead skin and flakiness from lips, leaving them moisturised and smooth."

Mint Julips Lip Scrub 25g

If you haven't been to Lush before I'd def recommend a trip into one of their stores. You may think the smell is overwhelming, as I did at first, (you can smell it a mile down the road) but believe me the array of lovely beauty products will get you very excited. My BF even got facemasks and the likes tested on him the last time!!!!

Check out their website here


  1. Your mammy is so lucky! :) Mine usually gets stuff from Avon as a treat.. maybe I'll change it up a bit and get her some lush stuff next time I head back home!


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