Sunday, 29 April 2012

Superdrug Home Dye Review

My hair has been looking pretty dull of late as Im trying to fins a neutral color but with starting a new job i decided to bite the bullet and go back copper. 

I am completely broke at the moment so I was looking for cheap and cheerful home dye. I wanted as bright a copper as I could get an the one that stood out was Superdrug Vibrance @ £3.99. Must admit I thought it was gonna be crap cause it was 'homebrand'  (how snobby am I) but I told myseld to cop on and go for it!

This hair dye didn't smell as offensive as half the other dyes I've used and even better I had no itching sensation that made me wanna rip out my hair. It was really easy to apply and any dye on my face and behind my ears came off really easily with sopay warm water and cotton wool.
Lads I'm so surprised with how well it came out, its so bright, not as bright as the box mind you but I really believe you will only get that bright if you have your hair bleach bathed.


Hair Color Before

Hair Color After


The roots came out brighter than the ends but once again I kinda expect this when there is so much color sitting on the ends.

All in all I'm a happy bunny and until the time I have some cash to go in & get a bleach bath and bright bright copper I will defo be reusing this superdrug one.

All I need now is a miracle hair growth formula :) 

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  1. Oh that's a fab shade! I've wanted to go that shade for a while but I don't know if it would suit me. It looks just like the Feria colour too (also called Mango something).


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