Monday, 16 April 2012

Vichy Dermablend....

Recently I've been searching for the 'perfect' foundation and Vichy Dermablend is my latest purchase. 

My skin type is combination with an oily tzone. I still suffer from a bit of acne and have redness so I'm looking for something that gives me good coverage without looking caked on. 

After reading about this on I was desperate to try it as the results seemed to good to be true. I purchased my 30ml bottle in a local chemist for £15, I believe its €21 at home.

The packaging and bottle aren't much to write home about but I didnt care much was just dying to slap it on the face and be transformed!!!

This leaflet gives you directions for use - apply with fingertips or small sponge working from centre of face out, blend into neck, repeat application until desired coverage is achieved. The leaflet claims results "instantly skin irregularities are perfectly concealed without leaving dermarcation lines or cakiness. The complexion is even and radiant; the skin feels supple and comfortable for 12hours"

Color: 15 Opal
I am yet again left disappointed with my latest foundation. I have worn it a few times now applying it with brushes and my fingers, with and without primer. The coverage is good but only lasts on my face for about 2 hours then with the touch of my fingers it wipes straight off, so needless to say I haven't experienced the 12 hours. I also found the color didn't suit my pale skintone too well, felt a bit orangey to be honest.

Im so disappointed. I really thought this was going to be 'the one'.... 

Back to the drawing board I'm afraid...

Anyone used this and found it amazing??? If so what am I doing wrong????


  1. Have you tried applying it with a Duo Fiber brush? Or even buy a bottle of white foundation to mix in with other ones? I always have one just in case, as, like yourself, im so pale and usually nothing suits me!

    1. white foundation??? where do i get my paws on this???

  2. Zero minus! They ship to the UK too :) xx


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