Thursday, 3 May 2012


 'ah sure I might wear it again'

My name is Cólleen and I used to be a clothes hoarder

But I kicked that habit when I first went travelling and realised that I couldn't bring the kitchen sink. I was forced to only have necessities. 

I have done quiet a bit of travelling so my wardrobe has been emptied out over and over again over the past 4 years! If I haven't wore something in 6 - 8 months it goes to the local charity shop or bin!!!

Joanna Lumley is the face of a new campaign for Oxfam and Marks + Spencers called Shwopping. The whole aim of this campaign is that when you do your shopping in Marks there will be bags there to throw your unwanted items in, and these will be given to Oxfam (you can read more about the ins & outs here) In short its all about reducing the amount of clothes that end up in the landfill. All clothes donated will be resold, reused or recycled. They are also hoping to raise £2m to fight poverty. 

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They kicked the campaign off in London by covering Brick Lane in 10,000 garments of unwanted clothing, this number is what gets throw in to a landfill every 5 mins, yes you read that right, 10,000 items every 5 minutes

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I'm aware a lot of us wont be shopping in Marks but I still think its effective in the way of giving us all a kick up the arse to actually recycle our clothes rather than throw them in the bin. It doesn't matter if you think it is tatty or horrible or whatever, throw it all in a bag, bring it to your local oxfam or preferred charity shop and keep it out of the landfill!!

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I have a bag waiting in the hallway ready to go to oxfam, someone will make good use of those size 10 skinny jeans I'm sick of bateing myself in to!!!

So ladies & gents, anyone inspired to go home and have a good root throught their wardrobes??


  1. Sounds like a great idea! I'm going to do a massive clear out when I get back to Ireland. Everything is going to the charity shop (with a couple of bits & pieces going on ebay/done deal etc)

  2. I absolutely love the concept!!xx


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