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Sinus Solutions!

I have been a constant sinus infection sufferer for the past 5/6 years, which I'm sure many of you out there can relate to??

If you have do not know what/where/who sinus are then lucky you!!!
In lay mans terms, sinuses are air filled spaces that surround the nasal cavity, above and between the eyes. Sinusitis occurs when these air filled spaces become inflamed due to infection or allergies.

Symptoms of sinusitis (from personal experience):
  • Headaches
  • Nose bleeds or blood when blowing nose
  • Blocked Nose
  • Pressure on cheeks, forehead, nose..
When you stand up, when you lie down, it feels like the inside of your head is following the rest of it, and then comes crashing through after! 
I got very sick of taking antibiotics, sudafed etc etc for something that would return a few months later, and just generally didn't want to take antibiotics/tablets all the time. There had to be an alternative out there. 

Steaming - no result, except for clearing my pores a wee bit!!

Neil Med sinus rinse - This is a plastic bottle with a straw like thing attached to the lid. You simply but the saline solution (that you get with the kit) and dilute with warmish water in the bottle. You then bend over a sink, put the bottle against one nostril and slowly squeeze the bottle which makes the water go up your nose, then repeat on the opposite nostril with half the water. The first time you use it the drowning sensation is horrible, but the temporary relief you feel will make you get over that fairly quickly!
There is no doubt that the results are fast, your snot and pain free for a few hours!!
It retails for about €25 for the starter kit.

Dairy Products - A few people told me that cutting dairy out of my diet would help, but that's never going to happen, I would rather suffer than have to change my whole diet!

Nasal Sprays - I have tried a few of these including the sudafed one, which didn't do much for me!! But my most recent has been nasonex. This was recommended by the doctor, the same doctor that didn't even look up my nose, so as you can imagine I wasn't too hopeful this would help at all. I does exactly what it says on the tin, you spray it up your nostril. I find it gives me a wee bit of relief, but certainly nothing to write home about. However it is pretty handy to carry in your handbag.

So basically I wasn't having much luck, and def didn't find a miracle worker! I generally found myself to be taking tablets at least twice a week to get rid of the muggy clogged up headaches and sore cheeks!!!

As I mentioned the doctor that I went to see the last time was worse than useless, he wouldn't of cared if my sinuses were about to explode!! Doosh!!! This encounter led me to the health store near my office where I asked the lady for her advice. First thing she said was to perhaps cut dairy out of my diet, told her this wasn't going to happen. She then suggested that I take a pro-biotic of sorts. 

Solgar - Advanced 40+ Acidophilus, Vegetable Capsules (£12.95 approx)

These tabs are essentially a food supplement, suitable for vegans, and are salt, sugar and starch free. As I am not using them as a food supplement, i take one per day, after dinner or a big lunch usually. They are quiet big in size so take em with a good gulp of water!

After about a month of using them, I hadn't taken any pain relief at all and hadn't been complaining of sinus pain.
I forgot to take them for a bout two weeks a while ago and I swear it was like instantly my sinuses got blocked up!!!

To round up, for temp relief, sinus rinse and nasal sprays are fine, but if you are looking for a more long time solution I'd def recommend the above tabs.

If any of you chose these I'd love to hear about how they work for you!!!

Or if any of you have any other solutions be sure to share the wealth!!!

Có x

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  1. Hmmm, interesting! I get horrible sinus problems, though luckily it's not constant. It mainly happens this time of the year. I have a neti pot, which I use every now and again. Never heard of the acidophilius thing though


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