Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Proud of where I'm from!

I've been contemplating this post for quiet a while now, and the main reason it has come about is from a comment (apparently joke) I received a couple of weeks back, and then reading a post tonight that my lovely friend Orla has written (jaysus us London Irish must be on the same wavelenght) on The Importance of Being Irish gave me the kick up the arse to go ahead and write what I felt! 

The joke/comment went like this:
"why is the grass so green in ireland" << I was expecting something to do with leprechauns as the answer, "cause your all over here treading on ours" << was the end of that joke...

I thought Americans were the only ones who clung to their Irish heritage like there was no tomorrow, but since moving to London I have learned the term 'Plastic Paddy' this essentially is someone whos parents or grandparents are Irish, and therefore are extremely proud of their Irish heritage. People in the UK have a great attitude to Irish people (with the exception of Mr Green fingers above). They have a bit of craic with us, take the piss out of our accents asking for subtitles, assume we can all do the riverdance, and some may actually believe we have leprechauns living in our gardens!! I even got sent shamrocks in work by an Irish building company on Paddys day, who also send out all their company merchandise with Céad Míle Fáilte on it!!!

For anyone who has been to Oz, you will know what I'm talking about when I say the 33rd county, for those of you that haven't been, head to Bondi Beach and I can guarantee you will bump in to someone you know. The atmnosphere us Irish can create together in a forgein land is a force to be reckoned with which was more recently seen at the Euros in Poland.

Even in Thailand where I assumed they would never of heard of Ireland, they chased my pale skinned, pink haired body around screaming things like 'ah nice pale irish girl'. Flipping hilarious. The same in Alaska, the paddys day celebrations we had over there were unreal, they even had a trad band in the boozer.

I think wherever you go in the world, no matter how far north or south you will find an irish bar, and you will end up having a chat with someone from home!!

I walked in to my new local park the other day and stumbled upon a GAA team training. I literally stopped in my tracks and just watched. The joy and the familiarty that filled my heart was undescribeable. I never thought watching a bit of GAA training would make me so homesick but it did. I even went over for a chat with the coaches to find out who they were etc, which has resulted in them hounding the BF to go kick a ball around with them!!

No matter where I am in the world, and no matter how much money, or how many friends I have, there really is no place like home. Home is where my best memories are, my family, my friends, my local, the GAA, and most importantly the woofy Jess!!

I know you may now be wondering why I am not at home if I have such a longing to be... One word - RECESSION. I can't at present achieve the career I am looking for in Ireland. I also have quiet itchy feet, I like to travel and explore different countries, but no matter how long I have been away, Ireland will always be home and it will be the place that I will settle down, and raise my kids when ever that time comes. As my lovely da says 'Níl aon tin tán mar do tin tán fein' - theres no fire like your own fire

I'm afraid that I have gone off the long winding path here, so I'll try pull it back to the initial comment/joke that started this off. If you thought you were being funny with that comment you weren't. Take a look around your city, London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and thats why it is thriving, so basically take your patriotic shite and fuck right off!! I am working in this country, paying taxes like everybody else, I have as much a right to be here as anyone so let the grass in Ireland grow long and green while the HUGE Irish community in London does riverdance all over your grass!!

Stop right now!!

This post ties in perfectly with my 'Reminiscing' post from the other day, as it will bring you right back to the 90's, dodgey singing, sketchers with pedal pushers, sequined boob tubes, ye see where I'm going!!!

For any of you that may not have seen/heard the Spice girls, yes you read that right the first time, the Spice Girls, came back together yesterday on those famous stairs @ The Renaissance St. Pancras London for the launch of the new musical Viva Forever. As can be guessed from the name, the musical is inspired and features Spice Girls songs. But as was insinuated by the headlines, none of the girls are in the musical nor will they be back singing anytime soon, so you can breathe a sigh of relief/or dismay!

Musical aside, I was more concerned about was the face on Posh... From the photo below you can see how out of place, unhappy and dare I say frail she looks!! As you may have seen me tweet earlier 'she needs a good feed'.

Photo from hello online
I think its fair to say the rest of the ladies look fab. How the hell does a 36 year old Emma Bunton still look like Baby Spice!! I flippin love Sporty's dress, and I think its fair to say Scary and Ginger have smashing leggies!!! Its a far cry from the 1996 pic below!! JAYSUS!!!

If I am in London come Novemeber, I have to admit I probably will go along and have a wee goo at the musical for nothing more than to curb my curiosity!!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Forget Me Not!!!

This post is inspired with the above picture which I saw on facebook a couple of weeks ago, and also by catching up with a good friend of mine who I haven't seen in a few years. I've been struggling putting down in words what exactly I felt after seeing this, but I guess I just feel like whoever wrote this got it in one.

I like to consider myself a good loyal friend, but in the past I have let people who I thought were my friends walk all over me. People will let you down and that is inevitable, but if you know that you are a good friend and a good person then fuck them they are the ones that have lost out!!

We all have people who we call our friends, that we don't see all that often. They are the types of friends who we can float in and out of eachothers lives and there is no resentment on either side. For example I made some excellent friends on my travels and although I don't speak to these people on a daily basis they know that they are very important to me.

However I am guilty of the crime in the above picture. There are people who I claim I miss in my life but yet I just don't make an effort. I don't have a reason, I suppose life just gets in the way. Well life shouldn't get in the way, if i claim to miss you as a friend i should make more of an effort to get involved in your life, and you in mine.

In this age of technology there is absolutely no reason that we can not text/email/facebook/instant message/myspace/viber/whats app/skype/call/write these people we consider important to us and just simply say hi.

The shittiest excuse I've heard is 'oh well I've left it too long now so I felt i couldn't call'... My response to that is grow a set. If I have text you numerous times and you haven't replied once then our friendship isn't what I thought it was.

I suppose the point of this post is to say if there is someone out there that you consider a friend, but there hasn't been much contact on either side, be the brave one, make the first move, you will be glad you did.


Reminiscing on the good times!!

So over the past week or so I've found myself reminiscing quiet a bit (don't know why) and thought I'd share with you all the little things that have been popping in to my head so that you too can have a wee blast from the past!!

First off do you remember when boost bars were Moros!! Yes moros people!! YUMMY!!

Saved by the bell; I'm sure we all had a crush on zac's blonde locks or slaters wrestling outfit!!

The Racoons and The Smoggies - best cartoons ever!!

Furbys and Tamagotchis

When we all made it our business to learn the moves to The Macarena and Saturday Night!!

Going to the shop with your parents and asking for 100 penny jellies!!

GHD's didnt exist, the only way to dry you rain soaked fringe was under the hand dryer in the school!!
 Running to the shop to buy Mark McCabes Maniac 2000!

Five being my first concert and buying a new pair of hipsters to wear to it!

Genuinely believe that Brian McFadden would notice me out of all the screaming fans as he 'flew without wings' around The Point.

Sitting on the wooden benches in Croker eating soggy sambos!!

 Having no mobile phone and actually knocking on the door of your friends house to speak to them. 'What time you heading out at later?' > 'Dunno, meet you on the green about 6'

Your first mobile phone being a Nokia canoe and getting eircom stickers that you could give to your mates!

Sitting patiently at the radio waiting for you favourite song to come on to hit record on the tape deck, then using sellotape on the top so you could re-record!

Making a tree house out of corrugated metal resulting in someone having to get a tetanus!!

These next few are courtesy of the BF:

School field days consisting of wheel barrow races, egg and spoon etc

Entering Don Conroys drawing comps every bloody day on The Den.

Going to the pictures not the cinema with your parents waiting outside to bring you home!

Will you shift my friend after school!

Ok back to me:

Eating loads of cheapy sweets bound to rot your teeth such as postman pats, apple jacks, woppa bars and frosties!

Lucky charms getting banned off the market!

Upgrading your walkman to a disc man when over the head earphones were origionally cool!!

Last but not least when the Internet was a dial up connection that took five hours to load a page and everyone thought googling yourself was an offence

Some of my UK readers might not know everything I'm on about so I apologise!!

Ladies share with me any of the things you remember from when we were young :)


On my way to and from work I walk through Westfield Stratford City therefore my poor little eyes are tortured by the fab clothes and makeup shops everyday! But recently I've been running through due to the dreaded four letter word SALE!!!!!!!!!!

I know most people love sales, but I bloody hate them... I hate the crowds they attract, I hate the way shops are mobbed with rails of crap, and I hate the moody shop assistants.

I had a dress I wanted to exchange today in Forever 21 and as this is one of my favourite shops I thought I was bound to get something nice. But low and behold I walk in through the doors only to be greeted by rails upon rails of clothes being ravaged my girls who look like they are off their heads on the pure excitement of a sale!!!

Don't get me wrong I am all for a bargin but I just really have zero patience for trawling through rails that have feck all sizes, covered in someone elses makeup, I much prefer browsing for bargins online from the comfort of my own couch!! 

Sales are specifically designed to make us impulse buy, spend money we don't necessarily have on stuff that we don't necessarily need. If I do ever get a sale item its usually something that I have had my eye on and just couldn't afford at half price! I heard somewhere before that the best way to shop in the sales if you are still on a budget is to have a list of key pieces that you need and look for them specifically and have your blinders on for everything else!

So basically after walking around Forever 21 for 20 odd minutes I came out empty handed and annoyed that they have clearly put away some of their better stock until the sale ends. I also asked one of the moody assistants when the sale ends and she grunted 'when all the stock is gone'... Jesus unless a bus load of teenagers head over and buy about 100 crop tops and hot pants each, I'll be lucky to see any decent stock this side of Christmas!!

Am I just being a narky arse and missing out on some great bargin buys, or do you share my hatred for sales??

Có xx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

What I've been reading!!

I was gonna call this summer reading, but with the lack of sunshine it's more like what I'm really with a blanky over me looking out at the rain!!

I love reading and I love recommendations of people. I usually go for crime fiction but do like the odd 'gay' read as me and brother call them such as twilight etc!! I like to read stuff that doesn't require me to think a lot, I want the book to take me away as such, and I have a pretty good imagination so I usually end up being one of the characters!!

I just finished reading Katy Reichs - Spider Bones. She is the lady that inspired the Bones TV series so if your in to all that kind of jazz this will be right up your street. Really enjoyed this book, however I did feel like there could of been another chapter to end it all.

The Simple Truth - David Baldacci is another great crime fiction read. I couldn't get enough of this book, i read it in know time. This author is definitely all he has been blown up to be and more. I can't wait to get more of his stuff!! (sorry i don't have the pic, i like to share my books)

With the huge hype that surrounded it I was desperate to read The Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins. I had asked some of the lovely ladies over on if it was too childish but they all assured me it was a great read. They we not wrong. I really enjoyed the books. I kinda wanted there to be a 4th one!! If you like fantasy reading this will be right up your street. However do be warned it does become slightly addictive and takes over your life!!! (missing a pic of one of the  books as a housemate has it)

I came home to a lovely pressie of Solace - Belinda McKeon from the BF a couple of weeks ago. This book was voted no.1 Irish book of 2011. I wasn't sure what to expect but once I started reading I just couldn't stop. The style of writing the author uses is amazing. She writes the way you expect Irish people to speak. There is no room for bullshit descriptions of how green a leaf is etc. This book is essentially about the way we can never know what to expect to know from life, we just have to go with the flow!! It's def my pick of the last two months simply because I fell in love with the characters, it made me cry, and it reminded me so much of home!!

I just bought Fifty Shades of Grey after all the buzz about it so I shall report back in a couple of weeks as to how I found it!!

If any of you have good reads for me, please go ahead and suggest!!

Có xx

Caviar Nails

I'm sure a lot of you will know what caviar nails are if you regularly follow blogs, but for those of you who don't the easiest explanation is 100's and 1000's on your nails.

I was very eager to give it a go, but instead of paying £18 odd for the ciate 'balls' I saw a link on someones blog (really sorry that I can't remember who you are,tell me if you are they mystery person) for these 'balls' on ebay. You get 18 small jars filled with different colour balls (hehehe i cant stop sniggering!). They are cheap as chips and arrived fairly pronto. Link here!

I followed the tutorial given by the lovely Cherry Sue over on which you can have a goo at here. If you haven't seen Cherry Sue's blog, head over an have a goo at that too cause its amazing!!

I picked out the silver, navy and pink and mixed them up together. I used 312 Indigo Barry M polish as my undercoat and 54 Clear Barry M polish as the top coat. I also used a my dotting tools that I also got on ebay a few months ago to tidy up the nails!!


Ok before anybody starts criticising my attempt, let me reiterate this was my first attempt so feck off, hehe!!!

Ok my first thoughts upon finishing them are ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh pretty, and ugh I'm gonna have to hoover again!!! Do not, and I repeat DO NOT try and do this in a rush, you will make a complete balls (see what I did there!!) of it. I rushed the first one cause i was so excited and had to redo! Mine are in no way perfect but if you look at them from a distance they do look pretty cool!!! I will defo do these again, I think they are great for a night out if you want your nails to look at little different. I'm not sure if I put enough top coat on so I shall report back as to how long they last!!

Have any of you done these nails yet, are you loving or hating them?

I really just want an ice cream with 100's and 1000's on it now!!

Có xx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

A roundup of tried and tested foundations!

The search for my perfect foundation has been going on for a few months now and all began due to a smashed bottle of Max Factor on the bathroom floor, and used this as an excuse to try something different!!!

Oh ye before I go any further I should tell you that I have combination skin i.e my skin is 'normal' but i get a bit oily around my forehead, nose and chin sometimes!

Basically what I was looking for was a foundation that offered good coverage without looking like it was caked on, and that would last the majority of the day in work.
I didn't want one that would make my face shiney, or that would transfer every time I touched my face.
Below are all the foundations I have been using over the past couple of months and if your interested you can read how I got on with them in the links:
Far right is the sample of Estee Lauder

L'oreal True Match - £9.99 - full review here

L'ancome Teint Miracle - £27.00 or €35.00 - full review here

Vichy Dermablend - £15.00 or €21.00 - full review here

I also posted about how I thought my moisturiser was affecting my foundations here

L'oreal Infallible Brush - £12.99 - full review here

L'oreal Teint Idole Ultra 24hr - £27.99 or  €35.00 - full review here

L-R infallible, tru match, teint miracle, teint idole ultra, double wear
Apologies for not having a swatch for the Dermablend, but I hated it so much I got rid of it to a better home before I endangered its life!!! You will also be able to see from the above photo the difference in color in the Lancome's especially. How that sales assistant thought I was that dark is beyond me but anywhooo!!

To conclude, I didn't get on particularly well with most of the foundations. I think the worst ones for me were the Dermablend and the True Match!! Although Lancome is pricey it really serves me the best. I'm really afraid to carry it around in my handbag in case it breaks so I think I'm going to clean out the Estee Lauder sample bottle and use that to carry some around in, unless some of you lovely ladies have any other ideas??

Có xx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Benefit Bad Gal Lash - Review

So as the title may give away this post is about the Benefit Bad Gal Lash, which I received free in Glamour Mag earlier this month. I was always curious about these 'amazing' mascaras but was a bit dubious about forking out so much cash for something that may or not be as amazing as claimed, therefore when I saw Glamour were doing the samples it was the perfect opportunity.


I do like the way this mascara looks quiet expensive, you can't go wrong with a black bottle and silver lid. 

The lenght of the brush handle is quiet short but this is to be expected when it is sample size, it doesn't effect the application process at all though!!!

As you can see in this before picture my eyebrows are fairish. Mascara is one product I just don't leave the house without as I feel it opens up my eyes completely.

After Application

As you can see in this 'after' picture I have applied the mascara. No idea how this picture got an orange glo!! Opps!! I really like this mascara as it does what I need it to do i.e spread the lashes, make them darker, and make my eyes appear bigger. I'm not one for lashing on the mascara but I'm pretty sure if you are you would still get a good result. Spider legs are pretty impossible with this. The brush ensures that it is completely clump free which is bloody brilliant. 

In conclusion I really liked this mascara, I think I probably will purchase it when I am in need of a new mascara. The main reason I will repurchase is because it is CLUMP FREE!! Hooray!!!

Benefit Bad Gal Lash retails @ £16.50 or €23.00 << (wow the 'exchange rate' prices are shite)

P.S there are loads of Glamour mags still floating around with all the freebies if you haven't gotten your paws on them yet!! I think I will prob grab another mascara as it makes an excellent travel size!!


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kissable Lips - Nivea, Carmex, Figs n Rouge, Yankee Candle, Vaseline

My name is Cólleen & I'm a lipbalm-aholic...

With this mental weather at the moment my lips have been having a hard old time of it so I thought I'd share with you all what I'm using to keep my lips in tip top shape...

I have a bit of a problem with lip balms as you may have guessed with the above comment, I like to have a lip balm or two for every bag, if I don't have one I feel a bit nakey!!! I don't believe in buying 'high end' lip balms as they are so easily lost, and the 'high street' ones are great @ affordable prices. I warn you now that I don't have the exact prices for a lot of these but I'm 100% that they are in the £/€2 - £/€5 max.

So here's whats floating about in my handbags/pockets/bedside locker.

1. Nivea Hydro Care
I got this off my mam at Christmas as part of a nivea gift set. It is a twisty action (like lipstick). Hydrocare is a mix of 'aloe vera and water which is designed to provide intensive and long lasting moisturisation'.
I love this, so handy to throw in your bag or pocket, smells and feels lovely on your lips!! Also the lid has a good holding power so it won't fall off in your bag resulting in bag fluff sticking to it (VOM)..

2/3. Strawberry and Cherry Moisturising Lip Balm
Carmex is prob my favourite lip balm. I love the smell of it, even the original one. It comes in a pot or the squeezy tube. I prefer the squeezy ones cause they are handier and you don't get sticky fingers. If you are someone who doesnt like strong smells these are prob not for you but if you're like me and love fruity smells, these are yummy!! The only thing I would warn you about with carmex is your lips can become depandent on it, ie if you wear it a lot then stop your lips will chap. OMG nearly forget to tell you all it has SPF 15 which is really good!! Don't want crispy lips... (eww just got a little bit sick in my mouth at the thoughts of that)
Carmex gel 'allieviates lip roughness and replaces moisture lost from wind, sun and dry air'

4. Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake Lipbalm
I saw this on a few different blogs and was very intrigued as I flipping LOVE yankee candles. If you don't have a clue what Yankee Candles are you need to get yourself down to a gift store and have a sniff. I got this off this ebay seller for £3.99 including postage and packaging. It contains SPF 15 and smells of vanilla cupcake, m y mouth is watering even thinking about it!!! These lip balms contain 'beeswax, vit E, rosemary, and hemp seed oil to nourish and moisturise your lips'. This only arrived in the post today so I haven't tested it yet, but the smell and look alone are enough for me atm!!! Ah the little things!!

5. Nivea Essential Care
This is very similar to the other Nivea mentioned above packaging wise, its a twisty stick action, and lid will def not open the door for bag fluff!! Essential Care is 'enriched with jojoba oil and natural shea butter, that helps prevent moisture loss'. I LOVE this lip balm, it does what it says on the tin essentially. Its cheap, no fuss, nice smell, nice texture on the lips. I would never be without one. It also lasts for agessssssssssssssssssss.

6. Vaseline Lip Therapy
Lets face it Vaseline was invented around the same time as the wheel and its up there with sliced pan. I'm pretty sure there are tins floating around in old school bags in the Mammys house!!! I have a routine of putting this on every night before I get in to the leaba (bed as gaeilge) an it ensures I don't wake up with dry lips. As we all know it can be used for any dry skin and various other things on the body, it also comes in a huge variety; strawberry, aloe ver, cocoa butter, and SPF 15 (the yellow one). You cant go wrong with a tin of Vaseline!!!

7. Figs and Rouge Balm
I got this little beaut in my Glossy Box a couple of months back, and have to say I really love the packaging. As for the content, not so keen, mainly due to the strong smell of it. I got the rambling rose one which is just a wee bit too overpowering. I have been using it tho and it is really good (if you can get past the smell), if lips are sore it sorts them out straight away. This does double up as a body balm and works a treat on really dry patches. According to Figs and Rouge 'this elegant balm provides a delicious and intense moisture boost'. However it does tend to get very liquidy when in anywhere that's a bit hot so it might beware you don't take have the tin out. I will repurchase this but in a different flavour (scent?).

Well that's all I've got for you today, but if any of you have an amazing lip balm I would love to know so I can add to my collection PLEASEEEEEEEE....!!!!!

Có x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr Review

Just to get you all up to speed with my search for the 'perfect' foundation, well basically I haven't found one (until now she screams). The only one was getting on good with was my Lancome Teint Miracle but this was a shade too dark.

I have been reading everywhere about 'long lasting foundations' and was pretty eager to get my paws on something that wouldn't slide off my face. I bit the bullet and bought Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr a couple of weeks ago.

According to Lancome, Teint Idole 24hr offers a foundation that:
  • is retouch free
  • is long lasting
  • provides a flawless looking and even complexion
  • SHINE FREE (praise the lord) finish!
It will leave your skin feeling smooth and matte without a powdery effect. This foundation comes in 18 shades.

The sales assistant in Boots was really helpful and matched up my colour perfectly. I have shade 010. The cost is £27.00 in Boots, and costs €35.00 in Debenhams (at home).

First lets start with the appearance, cause lets face it when you pay that much for a foundation you don't want it to look like a pound shop job. It comes in a silver box, and a frosted glass effect bottle. Has the usual pump action which means no mess, and also great for controlling the amount you want to use.

I prep my skin with moisturiser and a primer, then use a duo fibre brush to apply this to the skin. It has a pleasant smell which I feel is also quiet important as you don't want a smelly product on your face!!

This foundation offers medium coverage but is also buildable so if you have blemishes like me then it will provide good coverage.

Teint Idole 24hr gives a really nice matte finish, and definitely does not give the appearance of caked on make up.

For any first time or new readers I have combination/oily skin i.e I get oily throughout the day around my nose, eyebrows and chin, therefore it is really important that I have something on my face that will remain transfer and shine free.

I am so happy to say that this foundation is FANTASTIC. I love everything about it. I haven't worn it for 24hours so I can't really vouch for that, but it definitely does last for 12-15hours. I'm pretty sure that my primer may have aided the staying power but that's a minor detail.
If you are someone who likes a 'dewy' finish to their foundation this is probably not for you as it is very matte. I know it may seem like a lot of money @ £27/€35 but I think its definitely worth the money for the finish it gives.

Anyone else using this, or thinking of investing??

Có x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rimmel, Maybelline and Benefit Primer Reviews

What the hell is a makeup primer?? Well my understanding of a primer is that it should prep your face for application of makeup. It can also be used to give your skin more of a glow if you don't wear foundation. I think a good primer should provide a barrier between your skin and foundation to ensure it lasts a bit longer. It should smooth out the skin by filling in any pores or lines.

Maybelline 'The Smoother - Skin Retexurising Primer"
Maybelline say we'll love it because:
  • our skin will appear more radiant
  • creates a perfect smooth canvas for make up application
  • the innovative gel formula will make the skin feel velvety soft
  • delivers a silky matte poreless look in one step
I really liked this primer. It came in a nice wee glass pot and the texture was really velvety. It didn't really minimise my pores but definitely gave me a smoother surface for foundation. I wasn't blown away by it but it did do what it said on the tin/pot! The cost of this was £9.99 or in euros €15.49 which i think is a bit steep for a 'drugstore' brand. (I've no 'real' photos of this as I threw it out before taking any sorry!)

image taken from

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro 002
Rimmel claim that this primer offers 5 in 1 result, very clearly on the bottle:
  • smoothes
  •  resurfaces
  • brightens
  • mattifies
  • protects
It comes in a 30ml blue and white tube. Its a white coloured creamy texture which makes it incredibly easy to spread on the face. I love this primer. It really does minimise the appearance of my pores and lines and my foundation sits really well on it. I have been using it since about Easter nearly on a daily basis and I still have a wee bit left in the tube. It comes in at a great price of £6.99 and is currently on offer in boots for £4.99 which is a flipping steal. The euro price for this is €8.25.

Benefit 'That Gal' Brightening Face Primer
Benefit claim this primer will:
  • take your complexion from 'dull to darling'
  • smooth your skin
  • worn alone or under foundation
  • can be reapplied during the day to brighten up
I got this 7.5ML tester free with Glamour Mag this month, I'm pretty sure you will still pick one up if you have a goo in the smaller news agents. The 'real' one comes in an 11ml twisty tube that has wee holes at the top so you have a lot of control over how much you want to use. It smells really nice actually, kind of strawberryish and comes in a pink colour. I like how this primer feels on my skin, and while it doesn't really fill in my pores it does work well with my foundation. The price is £21.00 or €30.00 from Debenhams.

To conclude,
I think the Maybelline primer is a bit pricey therefore will not be repurchasing but if you prefer a velvety texture then this one may be for you.

The Rimmel primer is great, I love it. Getting myself another bottle as soon as this one runs out. Its fantastic value, and if you did lose it from your makeup bag it wont break the bank to get a new one. It suits my skin perfectly and provides a great surface for foundation application.

Benefit That Gal is also really nice, the smell is yummy but I have found myself reaching for the Rimmel before it in the mornings. I think the price is mental tbh. I just worked out that for £2 i got 7.5ml of product. For £21.00 I would get 11ml of product. Therefore if I just bought two glamour mags I would have more product for £4 than for £21.00. So if this is one of your holy grail products and you are money savy get your little arses out the door first thing tomorrow morning, get as many copies of Glamour as you can and stock up for the year. As much as I love Benefit products I will not be purchasing this as it didn't do anything extra than the Rimmel one.

Rimmel is the hands down winner for me!!!

What primers do you use, and are they any good???

Có xxx

An Inspired Fathers Day Post

I was all set to put together a post today on some last minute gift ideas for fathers day but then first thing this morning I read Paula's ( post 'thank you to my dad' and after drying my eyes (oh yes that's right you will cry) I decided to put a little something together.

I'm fully aware that a lot of people have no contact with their parents, and that a lot have lost their dad so if you don't fancy reading about how great my Da is maybe its time to jump ship!

My Da is the one who:

drove me ridiculously short journeys when it was raining just cause

always asked me was I ok for money to go for a couple of pints

didn't give out to me when I had to get him to pull over on the motorway to throw my guts up (purely alcohol related) - may have happened more than once!!

had the ability to make me ball crying down the phone by just asking 'hows things' when London was just getting to much, and then made things better

told me never to be afraid to come home, there is no shame in it

I love going for a walk with in the curragh with the dog, even though he tells me the history of the army barracks EVERY time

just tutted, mumbled and nodded his head every time I came home with a new tattoo

makes all of my friends welcome in the house

has been bringing me to croke park for as long as I can remember which is one of the things I LOVE doing during the summer

encouraged my to go and get a degree as 'it will stand to me'

brought us to switzers every Christmas to watch the window show

screams like a lunatic when the soccer/rugby/gaa is on the tele and frightens the shite out of the dog

made me and my brother feel like it was our 'duty' to wash the dogs shitty hairy matted arse

drives me up the wall sometimes :) 

made every parent teacher meeting, I mean every, EVER!!

raced home from their weekend away in galway every year so that they could see me dance like a fairy in community games variety show

my friends end up yapping to for hours when they come to our house

I love to go for a pint with in Neesons after any gaa match

will probably die of embarrassment if he ever reads this... 

But tough shit Da cause I feel like telling the world (well at least the blogging world) how bloody fantastic you are!! You really are the most important man in my life and I love you so much!! You did a fantastic job alongside Mammy for the last 26 years... Thanks for being the best Da i could ever ask for!!!

Happy Fathers Day Liamo!!!!
(there's a card in the post)

I'd also like to point out that my Ma is flipping AMAZING too and I love her very very much!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Afraid of facebook!!!

The reason for the name of this post, is the irrational fear I developed of starting a facebook page for my blog.

If you have read any of my previous posts you may have seen that I was very anxious about letting y'all know who oscar wells was. Thinking about it now it has to of been because I was scared my blog was gonna be crap and didn't want to put a face behind it. I thought if it failed then I could just forget about it and not get it associated to my name!!

Well I got over that hump fairly quickly and let y'all know who I was etc etc but every time I started a facebook page I would delete it immediately. Why??? No bloody idea.

I'm not a huge FBer but I do like having it as its a great way to stay in touch with people I have met over my travels in the past couple of years. I'm also very aware that whatever you put on facebook is widely open to the rest of the world no matter how 'private' it is therefore I'm very careful with what I post.

Another thing I have seen a lot of is people getting really horrible nasty comments on their FB pages. Its very easy to say 'dont let them get to you' or 'ignore them', but I'm pretty sure that some nasty comments will grate at you a little bit harder than some others.

I've personally never been the victim of these idiots who are very brave sitting behind their computers, but I have seen it happen, and that makes me very wary. Youtube is especially crazy for these rotten comments, I think these people just leave comments to stir the pot.

I guess I thought that leaving my blog where it was meant that no one I knew personally would really read it, and if it didn't have a large audience then it would be safe. I was happy with it getting views by simply being stumbled across.

I started to feel some blogger envy of all the amazing blogs out there and really wanted to try expand my audience. I felt that the next logical step to get my blog more out there was facebook. As I stated putting my page together the other night I started doubting myself again. Eeeekkkk what if I get slated and all my personal facebook friends hate it and I can never show my face in Ireland again. As soon as I thought this I was like ugh you muppet. You put this blog together because you want to share your opinions on certain things. You like sharing ideas on styling, and you like sharing music. Why the hell are you afraid to share these things with people who read your daily status. After having this ridiculous conversation with myself I went ahead and 'shared' my page.

Those of you who read my tweets will know that I was having a mild panic attack after putting it out there, and I began to doubt myself. Again another crazy lady scenario took place in my head and after gaining the BFs opinion I calmed down.

I'm sure some of you may be reading this and going why the hell was she freaking out of a silly old facebook page, well I warned you at the start with the word irrational!!! However my lovely tweeties told me I was not alone in this irrational fear and they too were afraid of putting their blogs out there. Well ladies if I can do it you can too!!!

Well anyhow here we are three days later and my facebook page is gathering a few likes. I'm not going to monitor it every hour and cry if I havent gotten any new likes. Also if someone does give me a horrible comment I will be the bigger person, I will delete and then block them. I'm all on for a lively discussion, but I am not on for blatant insults.

I'm pretty sure I've been rambling on for a while so I'll let y'all pay my new Facebook page if you feel like it :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject if you want to share!!!

Có xx