Friday, 8 June 2012

1950's Bridal Vintage - Shoes

So this is a follow up to my 1950s Bridal Vintage - Dresses post which you can check out here!!

I think the lovely thing about wearing a 1950s style dress is that it allows your shoes to be seen. I believe this allows your personality to shine through, and plus if your saving on the price of the dress who can argue a beautiful pair of shoesies!!

Apart from brogues I'm not a huge fan of the shape of 'vintage' shoes, so I'm going to show you some of what I think would suit the style of dress I picked in the previous post!

This 'cant touch this' shoe from Irregular Choice comes in at just £84.99. I think these would be fab with a white/ivory dress... I love all the colors in them, and I think the'chunkiness' of the heel would prove quiet comfortable all day!


These 'Mrs Lower' also from Irregular Choice, coming in @ £89.99, are simple, elegant, and pretty. The detailing and color make them perfect for any dress.

Ok another Irregular Choice with 'Stick of Rock' £89.99. They might be quiet 'out there' for some for their wedding day, but personally I think they are quirky and gorgeous.

Here are a few more less out there options I think are also perfect :)

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