Saturday, 2 June 2012

1950's Vintage Bridal - Dresses

If you haven't visited my blog before you may not have seen my previous vintage bridal post, its the most viewed on my blog so you might like to check it out here.

One of my guilty pleasures in life is back to back episodes of Dont Tell The Bride, and since seeing the episode where she wore a 50s style dress I've been meaning to show y'all some of my fave 50's inspired gunás (dresses)!!!

This 1950's Ivory Halterneck Satin dress is just fab... Its from Vivienne of Holloway and comes in at £89.00 which is a flipping steal if you ask me... The petticoats come in @ £59 approx. I thilnk you could do so much with this style dress, for instance; red petticoat, red belt and red shoes (or whatever your color of choice is)
Check out the website here.
Vivienne of Holloway

If your not too keen on the white dress, how about this amazing lbd from Dolly Dagger coming in @ £120.. I think it is simply stunning. It might not be everyones cup of tea, but I think it screams ellegance. Again you can tailor this to suit YOUR personality; perhaps a white bow, white gloves, and a white birdcage or fascinator.
You can visit the Dollydagger website here

Bettie Page Alika Circle Dress
Dolly Dagger
This beauty is on ebay currently selling at £155. Its so plain and simple, once again imagine the personal touches you could add to this. Its also perfect if your not a huge fan of the halterneck styling that is commonly associated with 1950s style dresses.
Follow this link for this gúna!
ebay fashion

My final pick is this short sleeved 50's style with the slightly longer skirt.I think this is a fab alternative to both bodice and halter style. I love the way the skirt cuts off just at the ankles, and still allows your shoes to be seen. It is from Bridal Vintage Apparel and comes in @ only £137.50. Link here!

1950s Vintage Short Sleeves Wedding Dress
Bridal Vintage Apparel

I don't want to cram too much in to one post, so I am going to follow up with shoes and hair accessories.

If you  love vintage styling then I'd love to hear your thoughts on my picks!


  1. Oh my god that black dress is right up my street

  2. Stunning dresses. I think the 3rd one would be my dress of choice. Figure permitting (never gonna happen) lol. Great post Hun :)

  3. I love looking at Vivienne of Holloway stuff! It's so pretty

  4. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!
    These dresses are lovely! :)

  5. Beautiful! I'm wearing a 50's style dress for my wedding in August so this is definitely my cup of tea! Love the last 2 in particular. Such reasonable prices too. If anyone is looking for vintage bridal wear and accessories in Dublin "Dirty Fabulous" is amazing, they're making my birdcage veil for me with a vintage brooch..heaven!


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