Thursday, 14 June 2012

Afraid of facebook!!!

The reason for the name of this post, is the irrational fear I developed of starting a facebook page for my blog.

If you have read any of my previous posts you may have seen that I was very anxious about letting y'all know who oscar wells was. Thinking about it now it has to of been because I was scared my blog was gonna be crap and didn't want to put a face behind it. I thought if it failed then I could just forget about it and not get it associated to my name!!

Well I got over that hump fairly quickly and let y'all know who I was etc etc but every time I started a facebook page I would delete it immediately. Why??? No bloody idea.

I'm not a huge FBer but I do like having it as its a great way to stay in touch with people I have met over my travels in the past couple of years. I'm also very aware that whatever you put on facebook is widely open to the rest of the world no matter how 'private' it is therefore I'm very careful with what I post.

Another thing I have seen a lot of is people getting really horrible nasty comments on their FB pages. Its very easy to say 'dont let them get to you' or 'ignore them', but I'm pretty sure that some nasty comments will grate at you a little bit harder than some others.

I've personally never been the victim of these idiots who are very brave sitting behind their computers, but I have seen it happen, and that makes me very wary. Youtube is especially crazy for these rotten comments, I think these people just leave comments to stir the pot.

I guess I thought that leaving my blog where it was meant that no one I knew personally would really read it, and if it didn't have a large audience then it would be safe. I was happy with it getting views by simply being stumbled across.

I started to feel some blogger envy of all the amazing blogs out there and really wanted to try expand my audience. I felt that the next logical step to get my blog more out there was facebook. As I stated putting my page together the other night I started doubting myself again. Eeeekkkk what if I get slated and all my personal facebook friends hate it and I can never show my face in Ireland again. As soon as I thought this I was like ugh you muppet. You put this blog together because you want to share your opinions on certain things. You like sharing ideas on styling, and you like sharing music. Why the hell are you afraid to share these things with people who read your daily status. After having this ridiculous conversation with myself I went ahead and 'shared' my page.

Those of you who read my tweets will know that I was having a mild panic attack after putting it out there, and I began to doubt myself. Again another crazy lady scenario took place in my head and after gaining the BFs opinion I calmed down.

I'm sure some of you may be reading this and going why the hell was she freaking out of a silly old facebook page, well I warned you at the start with the word irrational!!! However my lovely tweeties told me I was not alone in this irrational fear and they too were afraid of putting their blogs out there. Well ladies if I can do it you can too!!!

Well anyhow here we are three days later and my facebook page is gathering a few likes. I'm not going to monitor it every hour and cry if I havent gotten any new likes. Also if someone does give me a horrible comment I will be the bigger person, I will delete and then block them. I'm all on for a lively discussion, but I am not on for blatant insults.

I'm pretty sure I've been rambling on for a while so I'll let y'all pay my new Facebook page if you feel like it :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject if you want to share!!!

Có xx


  1. Just liked your page and I think we all share the same fears at first xo

    1. thanks em, if my blog ever grows to be like your I will be a very happy lady!!


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