Friday, 8 June 2012

Do your ears hang low....

I wanted to share with you a lovely pair of wooden earrings I picked up from Tribu London in Camden.

Tribu do some lovely jewelerry, its right up my street!!

Thes were only £5...

I will definitely be returning soon to pick up some more, also hoping to get some 'fake' plugs!! You can check out some more of their fab collection here!

With the sticks I got with these earrings, I can finally wear the wooden earrings I picked up in Thailand a couple of years a go.

I realise that they may not be everyones style, but I love how they transform a look from really girlie to kinda hippyish....!!

Anyone else trending some lovely wooden jewellery...???


  1. They have lovely stuff, I bought a Christmas present there for a friend


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