Friday, 1 June 2012

Estee Lauder Double Wear Review

Its been a while since I've wrote about my foundation issues... If you haven't seen any of the prior posts basically I've been on the search for a new foundation, preferably a cheaper option than my fab Lancome Teint Miracle...

The latest to try was Estee Lauder Double Wear...

Coming in at £26 for a bottle I needed to be clever about this one so I got a sample of the lovely lady in boots. She gave me a decent size sample which has done me for about 10 applications.

I was so excited to try this, and when asked she recommended using a flat foundation brush for application and primer if I had one. 

I applied it the next day on top of my Rimmel Primer (yet to review) using my flat makeup brush. Half way through application I switched to my duo fibre brush as it felt a bit stiff.

The coverage I got was good, but I did feel a bit white, rather than achieving a healthy glow as such. A bit of bronzer did the trick though.

I was very impressed as I stayed shine free all day, and it was completely non transfer.

I applied the foundation one day without any primer (by accident) and what a flipping huge mistake that was. I took a look at myself when i got to work, and the foundation had settled terribly on my skin. Think I tweeted about the hack of myself. 


All in all I was quiet impressed with double wear, however I did feel it was a bit heavy on my skin, but is that the price we have to pay for long lasting shine free skin??

I wont be running out the door to buy this foundation I'm sad to say. I really thought I was on to a winner with this one :( 

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