Monday, 25 June 2012

Forget Me Not!!!

This post is inspired with the above picture which I saw on facebook a couple of weeks ago, and also by catching up with a good friend of mine who I haven't seen in a few years. I've been struggling putting down in words what exactly I felt after seeing this, but I guess I just feel like whoever wrote this got it in one.

I like to consider myself a good loyal friend, but in the past I have let people who I thought were my friends walk all over me. People will let you down and that is inevitable, but if you know that you are a good friend and a good person then fuck them they are the ones that have lost out!!

We all have people who we call our friends, that we don't see all that often. They are the types of friends who we can float in and out of eachothers lives and there is no resentment on either side. For example I made some excellent friends on my travels and although I don't speak to these people on a daily basis they know that they are very important to me.

However I am guilty of the crime in the above picture. There are people who I claim I miss in my life but yet I just don't make an effort. I don't have a reason, I suppose life just gets in the way. Well life shouldn't get in the way, if i claim to miss you as a friend i should make more of an effort to get involved in your life, and you in mine.

In this age of technology there is absolutely no reason that we can not text/email/facebook/instant message/myspace/viber/whats app/skype/call/write these people we consider important to us and just simply say hi.

The shittiest excuse I've heard is 'oh well I've left it too long now so I felt i couldn't call'... My response to that is grow a set. If I have text you numerous times and you haven't replied once then our friendship isn't what I thought it was.

I suppose the point of this post is to say if there is someone out there that you consider a friend, but there hasn't been much contact on either side, be the brave one, make the first move, you will be glad you did.



Let me know your thoughts!!!