Sunday, 10 June 2012

Get your feet ready for summer!!

Since the sun made a brief reappearance yesterday, yahoo!!! I have thought I would continue the wishful thinking and show y'all some products that will get your little piggys ready for market!!

I originally bought Superdrug 'exfoliating foot scrub' and 'soothing foot lotion' for my BF cause his work boots (steel toe capped) were playing havoc with his feet, I tried to get a photo but it did no justice to how bad the build up of dead skin had gotten.

I got both bottles for £4.99 as a deal, or you can buy them separately for £3.49 each. (sorry i don't have the euros prices ladies and gents)

Exfoliating foot scrub
- 100ml bottle
- contains exfoliants, jojoba seed oil and aloe vera.
Its really easy to use, simply rub it on the feet after a shower or after soaking in hot water, this is to ensure the skin is soft therefore comes away easier. I used quiet a bit on his feet the first few times and really took my time doing it to ensure I exfoliated them properly. The texture of the cream is quiet rough in comparison to a face wash for instance, but that's exactly what the doctor ordered!! I simply removed the excess with a warm face cloth after, alternatively you could wash off with the shower hose. (this may mean your floors get destroyed whilst traipsing across them covered in cream!!!)

Soothing foot lotion
-100ml bottle
-contains shea butter and vitamin E
I used this cream on his feet after exfoliating. Again I used quiet a generous amount and worked it well in to the feet. This cream was no mess and smelled quiet nice but not too fragrant.

The Results
The combination of the exfoliator and the lotion couldn't of worked better, after a week alone his feet were much better. After approximately a month of doing this nearly every night his feet were in tip top condition.

I highly recommend these two products. They were cheap as chips and worked bloody brilliant!! If they can work wonders on a tired builders feet, imagine what they can do for our regular joe feet :)

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  1. Oh no,I was in Superdrug the other day and completely forgot about these,crap!


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