Saturday, 16 June 2012

An Inspired Fathers Day Post

I was all set to put together a post today on some last minute gift ideas for fathers day but then first thing this morning I read Paula's ( post 'thank you to my dad' and after drying my eyes (oh yes that's right you will cry) I decided to put a little something together.

I'm fully aware that a lot of people have no contact with their parents, and that a lot have lost their dad so if you don't fancy reading about how great my Da is maybe its time to jump ship!

My Da is the one who:

drove me ridiculously short journeys when it was raining just cause

always asked me was I ok for money to go for a couple of pints

didn't give out to me when I had to get him to pull over on the motorway to throw my guts up (purely alcohol related) - may have happened more than once!!

had the ability to make me ball crying down the phone by just asking 'hows things' when London was just getting to much, and then made things better

told me never to be afraid to come home, there is no shame in it

I love going for a walk with in the curragh with the dog, even though he tells me the history of the army barracks EVERY time

just tutted, mumbled and nodded his head every time I came home with a new tattoo

makes all of my friends welcome in the house

has been bringing me to croke park for as long as I can remember which is one of the things I LOVE doing during the summer

encouraged my to go and get a degree as 'it will stand to me'

brought us to switzers every Christmas to watch the window show

screams like a lunatic when the soccer/rugby/gaa is on the tele and frightens the shite out of the dog

made me and my brother feel like it was our 'duty' to wash the dogs shitty hairy matted arse

drives me up the wall sometimes :) 

made every parent teacher meeting, I mean every, EVER!!

raced home from their weekend away in galway every year so that they could see me dance like a fairy in community games variety show

my friends end up yapping to for hours when they come to our house

I love to go for a pint with in Neesons after any gaa match

will probably die of embarrassment if he ever reads this... 

But tough shit Da cause I feel like telling the world (well at least the blogging world) how bloody fantastic you are!! You really are the most important man in my life and I love you so much!! You did a fantastic job alongside Mammy for the last 26 years... Thanks for being the best Da i could ever ask for!!!

Happy Fathers Day Liamo!!!!
(there's a card in the post)

I'd also like to point out that my Ma is flipping AMAZING too and I love her very very much!!


  1. This was so sweet. My dad didn't make it too all my teachers at my teacher meetings but when he got home he would tell my mam I did and that they all said I was amazing!!

  2. That's incredibly sweet Có, & I bet your dad would love it! x

    1. I think he would probably die chloe!! :)

  3. That's such a great dedication to your Dad, he sounds like a lovely man!x

  4. awww that's so sweet! I was going to do a post as well after seeing Cornflakegirl's post but I decided instead to write it as a letter to him

    1. Awww that is so sweet x best pres ever!

  5. Can't believe I didn't leave a comment when I first read this :/ Great post Có, I'm sure your Dad would love it.

    Thank you for the lovely mention :)


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