Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lush feet!

I have just posted about some great Superdrug products that helped my BF's poor feet, which you can check out here, but I have to admit that due to moving house and starting a new job I got a bit lazy looking after the BF's feet, and unfortunately they got a bit shabby again.

I decided to get a fresh foot mask as a little treat for himself (which he secretly loves but will never admit) from Lush Stratford City. Once again the sales assistant was lovely and very informative.

"Make you feet feel like a million dollars.Ice cool mask for when you cant go one step further'

'Volcano' foot mask
-contains pumice, tomatoes, china clay and papaya.
-125g black pot,
-smelling of the mouthwash the dentist gives you (a smell I love in a weird way)
- cost of £5.50

You simply layer it on and wrap the feet in cling film. Leave on for about 10/15mins. Before rinsing off rub the mask into the areas which have the most dead skin and then rinse off.

Be warned this can get pretty messy so make sure you have a towel on hand and another tip is to tear off the clingfilm before hand so you dont mess up the whole roll!!

This mask most definalty help removed quiet a chunk of dead skin (haha nice visual for you) and left his feet feeling very soft.

It took a bit of time to take off the mask as its quiet stubborn so do this when you have a bit of time on your hands!!

The BF said it didnt make his feet feel tingly etc which made him think it wasn't 'working' but since I was the one doing all the work/pampering I can say it most def helped.

I followed up by using the Superdrug foot lotion.

I think that this will be a once a week job as its not feasible to do it every night!!

Defo worth the money though and again another great buy from Lush.

P.S its part of the collect 5 get one free black pot scheme!!


  1. Used to use Volcano many moons ago, thought is discontinued dont know why. Loved the cooling feeling it gave, must have a look in Lush xo

    1. im gonna stick it on my paws this week cause himselfs felt so nice after!!

  2. I totally need some of this for my feet! though they're not so bad right now,I attacked them with a ped egg thingy


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