Monday, 25 June 2012

Reminiscing on the good times!!

So over the past week or so I've found myself reminiscing quiet a bit (don't know why) and thought I'd share with you all the little things that have been popping in to my head so that you too can have a wee blast from the past!!

First off do you remember when boost bars were Moros!! Yes moros people!! YUMMY!!

Saved by the bell; I'm sure we all had a crush on zac's blonde locks or slaters wrestling outfit!!

The Racoons and The Smoggies - best cartoons ever!!

Furbys and Tamagotchis

When we all made it our business to learn the moves to The Macarena and Saturday Night!!

Going to the shop with your parents and asking for 100 penny jellies!!

GHD's didnt exist, the only way to dry you rain soaked fringe was under the hand dryer in the school!!
 Running to the shop to buy Mark McCabes Maniac 2000!

Five being my first concert and buying a new pair of hipsters to wear to it!

Genuinely believe that Brian McFadden would notice me out of all the screaming fans as he 'flew without wings' around The Point.

Sitting on the wooden benches in Croker eating soggy sambos!!

 Having no mobile phone and actually knocking on the door of your friends house to speak to them. 'What time you heading out at later?' > 'Dunno, meet you on the green about 6'

Your first mobile phone being a Nokia canoe and getting eircom stickers that you could give to your mates!

Sitting patiently at the radio waiting for you favourite song to come on to hit record on the tape deck, then using sellotape on the top so you could re-record!

Making a tree house out of corrugated metal resulting in someone having to get a tetanus!!

These next few are courtesy of the BF:

School field days consisting of wheel barrow races, egg and spoon etc

Entering Don Conroys drawing comps every bloody day on The Den.

Going to the pictures not the cinema with your parents waiting outside to bring you home!

Will you shift my friend after school!

Ok back to me:

Eating loads of cheapy sweets bound to rot your teeth such as postman pats, apple jacks, woppa bars and frosties!

Lucky charms getting banned off the market!

Upgrading your walkman to a disc man when over the head earphones were origionally cool!!

Last but not least when the Internet was a dial up connection that took five hours to load a page and everyone thought googling yourself was an offence

Some of my UK readers might not know everything I'm on about so I apologise!!

Ladies share with me any of the things you remember from when we were young :)


  1. oh my JAYZIS dempseys den you have cheered me up today with this post x

    1. I'm glad xx I'd loved being a smallie :)

  2. Oh my god, you've basically described my whole childhood! I remember I got these big stickers from the den that had a picture of Ted on them and had a big red line through them! I also had a "The Den" t-shirt that I wore all the time even though it fit my dad! Oh the memories!

  3. I used to watch saved by the bell with my sis on our school hols, my parents would go to work and leave us a packed lunch. We ALWAYS had pickled onion monster munch and the bags were huge back then haha, I was also telling my daughter the other day that I managed to keep my tamagotchi alive for nearly a year and then went on holiday and nearly cried when it died, I was about 19 at the time! Also remember when you could buy fags singularly and a pack of 10 cost 90p so I used to buy them with my diner money, so naughty. Din't tell my daughter that...

    1. Haha singular fags, thats hilarious. When it wasnt strict on selling to minors, my mate used to write a note from her ma for the shop assistant saying 'please sell my daughter 10 benson for me' hahaha worked for her everytime!!!!

  4. I used to watch Saved by the Bell and The Smoggies!

    Sob apple jacks, I LOVED them!! So much! I wish they still made them


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