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Rimmel, Maybelline and Benefit Primer Reviews

What the hell is a makeup primer?? Well my understanding of a primer is that it should prep your face for application of makeup. It can also be used to give your skin more of a glow if you don't wear foundation. I think a good primer should provide a barrier between your skin and foundation to ensure it lasts a bit longer. It should smooth out the skin by filling in any pores or lines.

Maybelline 'The Smoother - Skin Retexurising Primer"
Maybelline say we'll love it because:
  • our skin will appear more radiant
  • creates a perfect smooth canvas for make up application
  • the innovative gel formula will make the skin feel velvety soft
  • delivers a silky matte poreless look in one step
I really liked this primer. It came in a nice wee glass pot and the texture was really velvety. It didn't really minimise my pores but definitely gave me a smoother surface for foundation. I wasn't blown away by it but it did do what it said on the tin/pot! The cost of this was £9.99 or in euros €15.49 which i think is a bit steep for a 'drugstore' brand. (I've no 'real' photos of this as I threw it out before taking any sorry!)

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Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro 002
Rimmel claim that this primer offers 5 in 1 result, very clearly on the bottle:
  • smoothes
  •  resurfaces
  • brightens
  • mattifies
  • protects
It comes in a 30ml blue and white tube. Its a white coloured creamy texture which makes it incredibly easy to spread on the face. I love this primer. It really does minimise the appearance of my pores and lines and my foundation sits really well on it. I have been using it since about Easter nearly on a daily basis and I still have a wee bit left in the tube. It comes in at a great price of £6.99 and is currently on offer in boots for £4.99 which is a flipping steal. The euro price for this is €8.25.

Benefit 'That Gal' Brightening Face Primer
Benefit claim this primer will:
  • take your complexion from 'dull to darling'
  • smooth your skin
  • worn alone or under foundation
  • can be reapplied during the day to brighten up
I got this 7.5ML tester free with Glamour Mag this month, I'm pretty sure you will still pick one up if you have a goo in the smaller news agents. The 'real' one comes in an 11ml twisty tube that has wee holes at the top so you have a lot of control over how much you want to use. It smells really nice actually, kind of strawberryish and comes in a pink colour. I like how this primer feels on my skin, and while it doesn't really fill in my pores it does work well with my foundation. The price is £21.00 or €30.00 from Debenhams.

To conclude,
I think the Maybelline primer is a bit pricey therefore will not be repurchasing but if you prefer a velvety texture then this one may be for you.

The Rimmel primer is great, I love it. Getting myself another bottle as soon as this one runs out. Its fantastic value, and if you did lose it from your makeup bag it wont break the bank to get a new one. It suits my skin perfectly and provides a great surface for foundation application.

Benefit That Gal is also really nice, the smell is yummy but I have found myself reaching for the Rimmel before it in the mornings. I think the price is mental tbh. I just worked out that for £2 i got 7.5ml of product. For £21.00 I would get 11ml of product. Therefore if I just bought two glamour mags I would have more product for £4 than for £21.00. So if this is one of your holy grail products and you are money savy get your little arses out the door first thing tomorrow morning, get as many copies of Glamour as you can and stock up for the year. As much as I love Benefit products I will not be purchasing this as it didn't do anything extra than the Rimmel one.

Rimmel is the hands down winner for me!!!

What primers do you use, and are they any good???

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  1. I tried "That Gal" before and wasn't overly impressed so I didn't repurchase. At the moment I'm using a Clarins Bronzing primer which is rather lovely and gives a nice glow. I'm gonna try out that Rimmel one when it's finished though, it sounds lovely!

    1. oh v nice, does the clarins have an spf in it?

  2. I now own 12 different primers :-/ (shopping problem)

    1. 12 holy moses lady :) if i had the mula id like to have that many to try too :)

  3. I also got 'That Gal' in Glamour, but I wasn't overly impressed and I won't be repurchasing. I didn't think it did anything to my skin or made my foundation stay longer. I rarely use primer, but when I do, I use the Benefit Porefessional, I LOVE IT! Definitely would repurchase that. I've had mine since Christmas and I still have quite a bit left.

    1. ye i really like that one too nicola, gonna do a review on it shortly!

  4. I quite like the Porefessional from Benefit.but I don't really tend to use primers

    1. i kinda dunno how i lived without them now breige x

  5. I tried 'That Gal' over the past couple of days and I'm not too impressed with it. I'd get another copy of Glamour just to have a second tester as it's handy if I don't want a huge handbag of stuff. My two faves are the Avon Magix face perfect (which I stocked up on when it was a fiver!) and Laura Mercier oil free primer, I've had the same tube for about 2 years and it's still not all gone! (how long does it take primer to go off? oops!)

    1. i need to get on your avon bandwagon :) ive heard about that laura mercier one too but i'm too tight to splash out atm!!!

  6. I've been using the La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense Serum as a primer for the last eight months and I absolutely love it. It's great at toning down the redness in my cheeks which helps my make up look better.

  7. Hi from the Philippines. I've been wanting to buy the rimmel primer for the longest time. Do you think it would work well in humid weather?


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