Saturday, 23 June 2012

A roundup of tried and tested foundations!

The search for my perfect foundation has been going on for a few months now and all began due to a smashed bottle of Max Factor on the bathroom floor, and used this as an excuse to try something different!!!

Oh ye before I go any further I should tell you that I have combination skin i.e my skin is 'normal' but i get a bit oily around my forehead, nose and chin sometimes!

Basically what I was looking for was a foundation that offered good coverage without looking like it was caked on, and that would last the majority of the day in work.
I didn't want one that would make my face shiney, or that would transfer every time I touched my face.
Below are all the foundations I have been using over the past couple of months and if your interested you can read how I got on with them in the links:
Far right is the sample of Estee Lauder

L'oreal True Match - £9.99 - full review here

L'ancome Teint Miracle - £27.00 or €35.00 - full review here

Vichy Dermablend - £15.00 or €21.00 - full review here

I also posted about how I thought my moisturiser was affecting my foundations here

L'oreal Infallible Brush - £12.99 - full review here

L'oreal Teint Idole Ultra 24hr - £27.99 or  €35.00 - full review here

L-R infallible, tru match, teint miracle, teint idole ultra, double wear
Apologies for not having a swatch for the Dermablend, but I hated it so much I got rid of it to a better home before I endangered its life!!! You will also be able to see from the above photo the difference in color in the Lancome's especially. How that sales assistant thought I was that dark is beyond me but anywhooo!!

To conclude, I didn't get on particularly well with most of the foundations. I think the worst ones for me were the Dermablend and the True Match!! Although Lancome is pricey it really serves me the best. I'm really afraid to carry it around in my handbag in case it breaks so I think I'm going to clean out the Estee Lauder sample bottle and use that to carry some around in, unless some of you lovely ladies have any other ideas??

Có xx


  1. How in the name of god did she think you were that dark? LOL she must be colour blind thats a huge difference. I found that when I got tested for Estee Lauder and Mac they did the same. At the Estee Lauder counter matched me a good shade darker but I thought I could trust their judgement and bought it in shell. And in mac they new I was to light for any of their foundations but didnt want to chance losing my money to another brand so the matched my an nc15 which was way to dark and yellow for me. So now I just test myself at least I know if I get it wrong it was my fault and I cant be mad at anyone lol. I actually like the colour of the true match but it isnt long lasting at all and it transfers. Ive never tried any of the lancome foundations. Im gonna go and check out all of your reviews thanks for sharing x

    1. the lancome ones are really lovely,. and def worth the extra bit of money!! Ye i know, yer one must of been hungover, i als thought it was cause i had some fake tan on but i dont wear my fake tan that dark even!!!

  2. Agree the Lancome ones are lovely! Everyone's raving about the new YSL one coming out so maybe that's worth a look and everyone always loves Revlon photoready and colourstay too!

    1. I used the ysl one with the brush a few years ago and i did love it, so would def love to get a sample of the new one!!! The revlon one seems really nice to, and I am interested in getting one that I can arry around that wont cost me a fortune to replace if lost!!


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