Monday, 25 June 2012


On my way to and from work I walk through Westfield Stratford City therefore my poor little eyes are tortured by the fab clothes and makeup shops everyday! But recently I've been running through due to the dreaded four letter word SALE!!!!!!!!!!

I know most people love sales, but I bloody hate them... I hate the crowds they attract, I hate the way shops are mobbed with rails of crap, and I hate the moody shop assistants.

I had a dress I wanted to exchange today in Forever 21 and as this is one of my favourite shops I thought I was bound to get something nice. But low and behold I walk in through the doors only to be greeted by rails upon rails of clothes being ravaged my girls who look like they are off their heads on the pure excitement of a sale!!!

Don't get me wrong I am all for a bargin but I just really have zero patience for trawling through rails that have feck all sizes, covered in someone elses makeup, I much prefer browsing for bargins online from the comfort of my own couch!! 

Sales are specifically designed to make us impulse buy, spend money we don't necessarily have on stuff that we don't necessarily need. If I do ever get a sale item its usually something that I have had my eye on and just couldn't afford at half price! I heard somewhere before that the best way to shop in the sales if you are still on a budget is to have a list of key pieces that you need and look for them specifically and have your blinders on for everything else!

So basically after walking around Forever 21 for 20 odd minutes I came out empty handed and annoyed that they have clearly put away some of their better stock until the sale ends. I also asked one of the moody assistants when the sale ends and she grunted 'when all the stock is gone'... Jesus unless a bus load of teenagers head over and buy about 100 crop tops and hot pants each, I'll be lucky to see any decent stock this side of Christmas!!

Am I just being a narky arse and missing out on some great bargin buys, or do you share my hatred for sales??

Có xx


  1. bleurg... I hate sales too. Can never find anything in my size so I never bother... Although the kids usually get something nice at a half decent price...

    1. its just nightmare city!! at least the kiddies get something nice :)


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