Saturday, 7 July 2012

What will be left in Ireland..

I watched a programme on BBC3 the other night 'Coming Here Soon:Ireland Lost and Leaving' which brought a few tears to my eyes. It was essentially a researcher called Stacey Dooley going to Ireland, and speaking to young adults (my age) about the state of the economy. 

It started off with protests in Dublin that expressed the anger that young people were feeling, how the state has essentially failed them.

She then went on to meet a lady who had bought a home in a new development in Dublin 'Priory Hall' but was then forced to moved out along with all the other residents due to the building being a complete fire hazard. These residents are still paying their mortgages of €1000 + each month but have no where to live. It made me sick to the stomach to think that I could possibly save my arse of for a deposit, buy a house where I intended to make a life for myself then just a couple of years down the line have absolutely nothing. The 'property developer' I'd prefer to call him a cowboy who was responsible for the shabby workmanship of these houses, is now not at all responsible for fixing them up and making them habitable again as he is BANKRUPT. My blood is boiling again thinking of how bloody unjust this is. These people have NO home to live in but yet they are still paying out their hard earned money every month. How the hell is this fair. I'm sure there are many residents not featured on the programme that can't make their mortgage repayments due to paying rent in their new 'home' etc and I simply can't understand how the government are doing sweet f.a about this.

Stacey then spoke to a group of young adults, mostly graduates with not just degrees, but with masters too. Out of a group of friends who all had degrees to their name, only one of the girls was working. She was not working with the degree and masters she had, but in Aldi. She was very humble and expressed how lucky she felt to have a job at all as the majority of her friends had no work at all. 

Finally to the issue of immigration. I'm pretty sure that every single one of you who reads this knows one if not more people who have left the emerald isle to make a life for themselves somewhere else, simply due to the fact that there are no career prospects in Ireland. I am one of those who has had to pack my bags, leave my family and friends in order to try make a career for myself. I have friends in Canada, New Zeland and Australia who are pursuing a career in their chosen degree. I also have friends who cannot come home to Ireland because they know it would mean, drawing the social and facing unemployment for god knows how long. I also have a few friends that are living illegally in Australia because living and working over their illegally is a better option than sitting in Ireland waiting for work. 
Stacey spoke to a GAA team who had lost eight players to immigration, well I can beat that, in my local club the Hurling team has lost 12 + players to immigration. 
Stacey also spoke to a girl who had qualified with a 1.1 degree in speech therapy and who was preparing to pack her bags, for four years and head down under. This girl made it very clear that she wasn't going to Oz to travel etc, it was simply because of the job. Her parents looked heartbroken, and this 25 year old girl was thinking so far ahead as to how would it be possible to return to Ireland after four years and try start the search all over again, would there even be jobs then? It was very clear at the airport that this girl didnt want to leave, and was really difficult to watch.
My mam and dad were in the airport not so long ago and got talking to a security lady. She told them how everyday she witnesses parents hearts breaking as they wave goodbye to their kids who are leaving for the other side of the world to get a career. Come and look at those scenes ministers instead of sitting on your arse thinking up more bullshit taxes.

I think it has changed in the past number of years with regards people going to travel for a year (like I did) to now people having to go that far just to get a job. I think some people think 'finish college, pack my bags and f off to oz or nz'. I can almost guarantee you when it comes down to it, and you are embarking on that 24 hour flight with the prospects of not seeing friends or family for god knows how long, you will be leaving with teary eyes. A good friend of mine who has recently moved to oz has openly said 'i have done my year travelling, the only reason I'm going to oz is to take this job to use my degree, but given the choice I'd much rather be at home'
Choice. For some people staying in Ireland is not a CHOICE they have they liberty of making if they want to better themselves.

If your not from Ireland you may not be aware that our third level education is essentially free (aside from admin fee's). I don't know the statistics but at a random guess (correct me if I'm wrong) 70% of us who whold a third level degree from and Irish College/University are not working in Ireland in the sector we studied for. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in thinking 'sure my degree is worth f all now that there is another four years of graduates who left after me, also competing in this industry'

I love Ireland, I am proud to be Irish and I want to go home. But I am not prepared to leave the UK to unemployment at. I am  home. I'm pretty sure I could get work in my previous job, but this is not what I want to do with my life. I want to establish myself in the sports sector, and sadly that is not going to happen in Ireland.

Can those suits above not see what is happening on the ground level. All of the skilled workers, I'm not just talking about those with degrees, are all leaving Ireland. It is your fault that myself and thousands of others are leaving everyday and taking our skills with us. It is not a hip hip hooray that your live register is down from the month before, its simply because another 1000 young people have left the country.

What the hell are you doing to help your own citizens in a country that is falling apart at the seams, while you sit on 100,000 salaries, and reel in bonuses every year?????


  1. The one job that people could get out of college in the past few years was teaching. It has gone up to 10K for two years in college, where it was one year and half the price!
    AND if you don't find your hours teaching for free, you lose the degree and have to do it all again.
    This place is sickening.
    People can't even go back to education anymore without forking out a years salary. Just for something to do instead of sitting idle.

    I just hope that by the time I am finished the masters...if I get it, that I will have racked up enough hours to at least get an internship.
    At the end of the day, that's all that people want, qualified students to work for 50 quid a week + social welfare

    America calling?

  2. This is a fantastic post, read it the other day but didn't get a chance to comment. If I had a choice there is no way I'd be over here in London working. I'd be back in Ireland working & enjoying living only down the road from friends and family rather than across the water & only getting to see them every now and then!

  3. I try not to dwell on this too much as it would just make me even more depressed. It's dreadful really


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