Saturday, 21 July 2012

You make me wanna die...

Hey lovelies..

This post comes about after getting increasingly annoyed looking at pictures like this (see below) on pinterest.
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"Effective technique to get rid of it"

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I'm sick of these flipping things popping up in sections like 'hair and beauty', they should be in a section called 'makes you feel like shit'.

You may or may not have read my post Body Positive - Struggling, but basically I have leg issues, and pictures like this infuriate me. Its bad enough that I criticise myself never mind having to look at this shite everyday.

I don't buy magazines anymore (unless its for the freebies) as I'm sick of looking at skinny food deprived skeletal celebs. They want to make this normal in society but lets not beat around the bush, this is not normal at all. SCRAWNY IS NOT BEAUTIFUL - EAT A FEW DINNERS!!!

I think I was under the impression that boys wanted a girl that was a size 8 and that this was the ideal size, but I've been educated by my man and now know that most men like a bit of meat on their bones! If we are out an about I have the habit of saying 'oh what do you think of her body' about people that I think have the 'perfect' body, but he always says no they're too skinny!!!

I think many of us girls have the perception of what a man likes totally different from what they actually want. From what I've gathered, most of the men I know want a girl who has some curves and has a healthy look.

Please dont get me wrong I'm not trying to say that we should sculpt our body to the way men want it, I'm just trying to point out that our perception of what men want in women is wrong a lot of the time!!

FYI the title of the post is a song that made me calm a bit after getting angry seeing these types of photos! 

I realise that with most of us in our own minds there will always be room for improvement somewhere, but I really don't need to see a 'normal' sized ass/leg/stomach being branded on mags and internet every day.

I will not allow myself to get sucked in by this shite, please don't let them suck you in either!!

Let me know if things like this grate on you as well,

Có x

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