Sunday, 26 August 2012

A heads up on the grunge 'trend'

Since I moved to London a whole year ago, I've been looking for a vintage camouflage jacket, it suits my style down to the ground, and it reminds me of those days past when I was rocking my purple doc martens and camouflage trousers from some military shop, trying to be like the older kids, all I was missing was the army canvas bag I soooooo longed for (and still do)... You all know the kind I'm talking about, they were usually accompanied by a Nirvana smiley face tippexed on the front, may have been seen hanging off a camo/bomber jacket!!!

I picked up this beaut in Brick Lane a couple of months back, it was £15, smells old and musty but I flipping love it... 

I wear it with everything from leggings and a tshirt, to maxi dress. I believe you can wear anything if you have the confidence in yourself. In London this is particularly great because NOBODY judges you!

The highstreet is swamped with grunge at the moment. But before you run out the door to Zara or Topshop to pick up your very own camo jacket, drop into a charity shop/thrift store/vintage store and see what you can grab. This will save you £70 odd quid in my experience. Also if why not have a root in your attic, older brothers stash, cool uncle perhaps!! 

I'm gonna grab myself some cable knit jumpers, cool collars and try get a pair of jeans to wear this with during autumn.

Are you loving grunge as much as these stylish celebs.?

FYI i think i may have revived the trend!! Just saying!! Có xx 

Weddings via pinterest no. 6

This one is a bit random, just a mix of things that caught my eye! Enjoy!

too funny for a hen party!!
Seriously wish I could have made one of these for my friends hen recently. Flipping hilarious!!! The website features all sorts of willies!!!

what a lovely touch 
Secret Message For The Groom. That little bit of reassurance he may need! 

I think the groom is forgotten about sometimes on the day of the wedding, so I think this little touch from his b2b is fab. He will be bricking it as well, something as small as this could calm his nerves..

So her daddy could actually walk her down the aisle. This brings a tear to my eye

I'm sure we all have someone in our group of friends whose daddy will not be there to walk them down the aisle. These little photo attachments at the back of the shoes means that at least some part of their dad can be walking them down the aisle.

hahaha best way to pee in your wedding dress

It was ones of the first things I asked my friend at her wedding, 'how the hell are you gonna go for a wee without an entourage'. Wish I had seen this before hand, would have saved her a lot of hassle!!!


What an amazing vintage bridal look. I'm fascinator obsessed so I love love love this as an alternative to a veil! 

That's your lot for now, Có xx

Birds of a feather...

Unless you have been hiding in a cupboard recently you will have noticed that prints are everywhere: Aztec to leopard to floral etc etc.

Something I'm loving at the moment is birds, not the female kind, I'm not coming out of the closet here on my blog, bird print, jewelry etc.

As trends come and go I tend not to spend a lot of money on them if i even jump on the bandwagon so here are a few cheap and cheerful birdie bits I picked up over the past couple of weeks!!

Three rustic gold coloured pieces picked up in Primark!

Picked up this in Dunnes Stores (sorry uk readers we don't have one here). Looks great with chunky heels for a night out, but worn with flats makes a perfect day time outfit too. I reckon it will be transferable to winter with a pair of blue tights!

This shirt was love at first sight. Cost me approx £12/€13 in Primark. Looks great with a pair of jeans. I wear a kaki vest top underneath cause I'm not too good with the showing my bra off under sheer look!

So there you have it, the next print I have my eye on are a fab pair of floral cigarette pants, teamed with a white peplum top! Wish me luck!!!

Có x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What I've Been Watching..

I'm always on the lookout for new television programmes to watch as I love nothing better than sitting in on a rainy night or a hangover day and watching a good box set!! With series so easily down-loadable (not that i'm encouraging it at all) and autumn/winter fast approaching, I thought I would share with you some of the awesome shows I've been watching...

Sons of Anarchy
My description of this is probably terrible, but here goes: an outlaw motorcycle gang gives us an insight into sex drugs money laundering and gun running... It is seriously action packed, and the series finale's leave you gagging for the next one... I'm currently waiting for the next series which is out Sept 11th and I can't wait...
There are pretty big names in this show such as Charlie Hunman (also in Green Street), Katey Sagal (also in Married with Children), Ryan Hurst (also in Remember the Titans), and the odd cameo appearance from Sonny Barger who is a world famous Hells Angel. A lot of hot men in leathers on a bike, yummy!!

Photo: What a man.... That is all!!!
Charlie Hunman as Jax Teller

Breaking Bad
So anyone who used to watch Malcom in the Middle will remember Hal, who is now the main character in this flipping amazing series. Walt is a regular joe high school chemistry teacher whose life is turned upside down when he is diagnosed with cancer. With medical bills seeming impossible to pay Walt turns to cooking up crystal meth in a camper van with an ex student of his, Jesse, and together they embark on a life of absolute chaos. To say this series blew my socks off is an understatement, it is absolutely genius the way they play it all out. It is probably one of my favourites at the moment, but beware you will lose hours of your life to this show once you start watching it! Im currently about to start season 4 and I can't wait to get home from work to switch it on!

Gossip Girl
Now here comes the girly/fashion series that makes me wish I was from the upper east side NY!! Gossip Girl is renowned for the fashion that is displays. Leighton Meister (aka Blaire Waldorf), Blake Lively (aka Serena Van Der Woodsen), and Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny Humphreys) wear the most stunning clothing you will see on television at the moment, in my humble opinion. These three main characters all have individual styles, and are definitely inspirational. I have spent a lot of time looking for dupes of certain items featured on the show. I will go in to my favourite outfits etc in a further post, but now back to what Gossip Girl is actually about.
Essentially the show features really REALLY rich kids from the Upper East Side, and documents the trials and tribulations of having money coming out of your ears; the powers and triumphs that go along with it! They are all stunning looking actors, and to say I'm hooked is an understatement, even the BF is asking have I not got any left to watch! If you like fashion and drama this is def one for you.

Don't Tell the Bride
This is my favourite reality show of all time, yes that's right, all time!! Big Brother can go take a running jump!! If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I'm fond of a bit of wedding planning, so I love watching the ideas that the men, yes the men, come up with for their Brides to be. Basically these couples enter an agreement that they will get £12,000 towards their wedding but only if the groom does all the planning, the bride can not know a thing, from the dress to the ceremony. This programme makes me cringe, laugh and cry almost all the time. Some of the men are useless but the majority of them are flipping amazing and do an excellent job of organising and amazing wedding for their brides. Most of the episodes are available on BBC3 iplayer and there are new episodes being shown on Tuesdays evenings at 9pm.

So that's what I'm pretty much doing in my spare time when I'm not working, I'm running out of seasons/episodes so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Có xx

Friday, 10 August 2012

My Olympic Journey (and Katie Taylor)

My poor blog has been suffering badly with the shifts I am working, but for that very reason I thought I would take the time to explain to you lovely people what exactly I am doing over here in London.

I started a job with London 2012 Olympics back in May. I'm working as part of the fleet team at Olympic Park. I've been having an absolute ball and have been lucky enough to meet some really interesting people.

Without boring you all to death with the ins and outs basically I work as part of the team that provides the BMW car service to the VIPS.

I was lucky to get a ticket to the opening ceremony dress rehearsal. It was AMAZING!! I wont go in to much detail because most of you probably saw it on the television. The music part at the end was more fantastic in real life than it was on the television!

On to more pressing issues though, KATIE TAYLOR.... Irelands Olympic Hero... Well lads and lassies, I was at the fight... (perks of the job). I have never experienced an atmosphere like it in my life. Croke Park had nothing on this. I got off the DLR and was greeted by a sea of green singing Ole Ole Ole. Needless to say this buzz was intoxicating and I couldn't wait to get inside at all!! You all know how it ended, GOLD medal victory!! What Katie achieved today makes me so proud to be flying the Irish flag over here in London!! History was made today and its something I will remember for the rest of my life.

So just before I leave you all I'll show you something (a bit strange) that has been a collectors item at the games, A knitted micky!!! The people I work with had no idea why I was in hysterics about this, cause all a Micky is in London is a mans name!!

I hope you have been enjoying the games, its certainly an experience I will never forget!! Can't wait for the paralympics now!!

Có xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hen Party Games Ideas

This is a follow up to my Hen Partaaayyyyy post and what I'm hoping to do is give you some ideas as to the funny silly things you can do at your hen party!

A lot of these ideas have come from my head, but others have come from brainstorming with a friend, television, and random googling over the months!!!

  • photo of the hen dancing with a policeman
  • photo of the hen dancing on a table
  • photo of the hen demonstrating a karma sutra position (assistance will be needed)
  • collect as many condoms as you can throughout the night
  • get advice from a married couple
  • use the cheesiest pick up line you can think of on a guy of your choice
  • Walk out of the toilet with your skirt tucked in your pants and keep it that way for at least one circuit of the club.
  • Fit the condom – How fast can you unwrap and put a condom properly onto a cucumber? Not so difficult? You can not use your hands! (we could do this that the person who gets it, picks  2 friend to do it with them)
  • Remove your bra without taking your top off and wear it over your top until you leave that pub
  • Whisper something saucy to the youngest barman you can find
  • In an allotted space of time you must collect: an empty bottle, a bus ticket, a beer mat, a menthol cigarette, an autograph from a stranger, a slice of lemon, a business card... AND you must learn a football chant for the local team!
  • Convince a man that you used to be a bloke!
  • Ask a guy if you can tell his fortune. Examine his palm and say "you are going to buy me a drink"
  • Propose to a guy you just met
  • Get a picture of you with the barmaid
  • get a stranger to burst a balloon by doing push ups on top of the bride.
These are just a few wee ideas, what you can do is pick the best/funniest and make a checklist for the bride! If you want to get everyone involved then you could write out a few more, put them in a bag and then the hens pick them out! This will all depend on the group of girls your with how up for it they are, but you will know that yourself!

You can also buy a lot of things like dare cards, pin the tale on the male, etc from online shops/ebay!

Another really good game to play is the Mr and Mrs Quiz. This means picking a list of questions and getting the groom to be to answer them, then you relay the same questions to the bride and if she doesn't get the correct answer she has to do a forfeit like shots etc.

Here are some of the embarrassing/funny questions you could include:

  • strangest place you have had sex
  • his favourite dinner
  • age you were when you first kissed
  • his worst habit
  • your worst habit according to him
  • his favourite alcoholic drink
  • who would he be if he was a superhero
  • his celebrity crush
  • his favourite position
  • his favourite underwear of yours
  • his favourite tv programme
  • his favourite film
  • his celebrity lookalike according to him
There are loads more questions you can put in that are appropriate to the bride and groom to be!!

Enjoy your games time!!

Có x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Weddings via Pinterest no. 5

Hello Ladies,

I've been swooning over a lot of dresses lately that I think would be perfect for a guest dress at a wedding.

Here's my picks from my pinterest this week:


^^ I love this outfit, its so elegant and the nude colours would suit a wedding at anytime of the year.

glitter bustier
^^ I'm not usually one for sparkle but the moment I saw this bustier I knew it would be amazing with a skirt and killer heels for a wedding. 

Pleated Maxi Dress / Warehouse / £100
^^ This dress is even more stunning in real life. If i had an occasion I'd be running in the door to pick up this beaut!

Flouro Embellished Dress / Warehouse / £135
^^ I love all the embellishment on this dress. I'm also a huge fan of the high neck on it. Its just fab!!

Been to many weddings this summer?? What did you wear??

Có xx

Hen Partaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

It was my best friends hen recently, and I was so excited for it. It was only the second hen I was on and the first one that I was going to be helping to plan. As I was a complete novice I thought I would share with you some ideas in case you are in the planning stages of one at the moment!

No. 1 Where??
A lot of ladies decide to stay in the country with hen hotspots being Galway, Kilkenny, Carrick on Shannon and Cork. These are all good choices and it means that you have a choice to drive or get the train!
I've been to a hen in Carrick-on-Shannon before and it was mental, hen central!! Really easy location to drive to, and really good atmosphere!
We decided to do this hen weekend in the UK - Liverpool to be precise. If you plan far enough in advance then you can get really cheap flights with ryanair.

No. 2 Accommodation
This point will be short and sweet. Some people will prefer a hotel regardless, but apartments are also a really good idea because people can lounge about, cook food in if they want, and also everyone can gather for games and drinks in an apartment!

No. 3 Cost
I think in this day and age its really important to be cost conscious. If you are one of the organisers, I'd really advise you to take into consideration everyones circumstances and plan as best you can that way. I think a good idea is to get the group to pay in installments so that its easier rather than paying one lump sum!

No. 4 What to do??
The second you google hen party activities, you will be bombarded with companies who sell hen weekend packages. This is an easy option as all the bookings are done for you, its simply pay you money and show up! I have the mentality that I can always get a better deal myself however, so we booked our activities ourselves. What we did in Liverpool was a comedy club on the friday night and then went to an active adventure centre on the saturday to complete a high ropes course!!
The list is endless though so here are a few ideas;
  • treasure hunt
  • booze cruise
  • dance class
  • life drawing class
  • cooking class
  • crystal maze
  • pampering
  • recording session
I think it is all down to the type of group that are going and what the bride to be would enjoy the most!
If you have a day on the hen that isn't dedicated to an activity then its a really good idea to play some fun party games, this is also really transferable to evening before heading out. I go into them in more detail here!

No. 5 Theme
I'm aware that a lot of people see themes as cheesy and tacky, but personally I think it can be great fun. There are so many themes to pick from, and if you have been on a hen before I'm sure you will have seen all sorts. Here are a few ideas:

  • flapper theme 
  • disney princess
  • famous female artists
  • wheres wally
  • women in uniform (police, army etc)
  • jubilee theme (bride is the queen, everyone else in union jacks)
  • cowgirl
  • colour theme (bride wears pink, everyone else wears black)

No. 6 Decoration and Personal Touches
I think a really important element to a hen weekend is going the extra mile with regards decoration and personal touches. This will make the b2b feel like the effort was really made. 
Hen party goodie bags are a nice touch. You can put anything and everything in them; paracetamol, bottle of water, itinerary, picture of the bride and the guest, sweets, sashes, something related to the theme and mini toiletries. For the brides bag you can go extra with pyjames, and the full outfit for the theme night if you are having one. 
The apartment/hotel room can be decorated with photos of the bride and the various guest, balloons, confetti, and candles. You could also do some large posters with famous couples, for e.g Beyonce and Jay Z, Posh and Becks, Will and Kate, and stick replace their faces with the bride and groom to be. 
If there are any friends who can't make the hen due to being in foreign lands, you could make face masks on lolly pop sticks, this is really fun and a nice touch for the bride.
Then there is the usual tack that makes the weekend cheesy and fun; blow up willy, willy straws, L plates, bubbles, and more general willy related items!
Don't forget the pink bubbles and a few cupcakes for the b2b!!!

I hope I have given you with some ideas for any up and coming hen weekends, and also as I said above I will do a follow up post on part games!

Có xx