Sunday, 26 August 2012

A heads up on the grunge 'trend'

Since I moved to London a whole year ago, I've been looking for a vintage camouflage jacket, it suits my style down to the ground, and it reminds me of those days past when I was rocking my purple doc martens and camouflage trousers from some military shop, trying to be like the older kids, all I was missing was the army canvas bag I soooooo longed for (and still do)... You all know the kind I'm talking about, they were usually accompanied by a Nirvana smiley face tippexed on the front, may have been seen hanging off a camo/bomber jacket!!!

I picked up this beaut in Brick Lane a couple of months back, it was £15, smells old and musty but I flipping love it... 

I wear it with everything from leggings and a tshirt, to maxi dress. I believe you can wear anything if you have the confidence in yourself. In London this is particularly great because NOBODY judges you!

The highstreet is swamped with grunge at the moment. But before you run out the door to Zara or Topshop to pick up your very own camo jacket, drop into a charity shop/thrift store/vintage store and see what you can grab. This will save you £70 odd quid in my experience. Also if why not have a root in your attic, older brothers stash, cool uncle perhaps!! 

I'm gonna grab myself some cable knit jumpers, cool collars and try get a pair of jeans to wear this with during autumn.

Are you loving grunge as much as these stylish celebs.?

FYI i think i may have revived the trend!! Just saying!! Có xx 

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