Monday, 6 August 2012

Hen Partaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

It was my best friends hen recently, and I was so excited for it. It was only the second hen I was on and the first one that I was going to be helping to plan. As I was a complete novice I thought I would share with you some ideas in case you are in the planning stages of one at the moment!

No. 1 Where??
A lot of ladies decide to stay in the country with hen hotspots being Galway, Kilkenny, Carrick on Shannon and Cork. These are all good choices and it means that you have a choice to drive or get the train!
I've been to a hen in Carrick-on-Shannon before and it was mental, hen central!! Really easy location to drive to, and really good atmosphere!
We decided to do this hen weekend in the UK - Liverpool to be precise. If you plan far enough in advance then you can get really cheap flights with ryanair.

No. 2 Accommodation
This point will be short and sweet. Some people will prefer a hotel regardless, but apartments are also a really good idea because people can lounge about, cook food in if they want, and also everyone can gather for games and drinks in an apartment!

No. 3 Cost
I think in this day and age its really important to be cost conscious. If you are one of the organisers, I'd really advise you to take into consideration everyones circumstances and plan as best you can that way. I think a good idea is to get the group to pay in installments so that its easier rather than paying one lump sum!

No. 4 What to do??
The second you google hen party activities, you will be bombarded with companies who sell hen weekend packages. This is an easy option as all the bookings are done for you, its simply pay you money and show up! I have the mentality that I can always get a better deal myself however, so we booked our activities ourselves. What we did in Liverpool was a comedy club on the friday night and then went to an active adventure centre on the saturday to complete a high ropes course!!
The list is endless though so here are a few ideas;
  • treasure hunt
  • booze cruise
  • dance class
  • life drawing class
  • cooking class
  • crystal maze
  • pampering
  • recording session
I think it is all down to the type of group that are going and what the bride to be would enjoy the most!
If you have a day on the hen that isn't dedicated to an activity then its a really good idea to play some fun party games, this is also really transferable to evening before heading out. I go into them in more detail here!

No. 5 Theme
I'm aware that a lot of people see themes as cheesy and tacky, but personally I think it can be great fun. There are so many themes to pick from, and if you have been on a hen before I'm sure you will have seen all sorts. Here are a few ideas:

  • flapper theme 
  • disney princess
  • famous female artists
  • wheres wally
  • women in uniform (police, army etc)
  • jubilee theme (bride is the queen, everyone else in union jacks)
  • cowgirl
  • colour theme (bride wears pink, everyone else wears black)

No. 6 Decoration and Personal Touches
I think a really important element to a hen weekend is going the extra mile with regards decoration and personal touches. This will make the b2b feel like the effort was really made. 
Hen party goodie bags are a nice touch. You can put anything and everything in them; paracetamol, bottle of water, itinerary, picture of the bride and the guest, sweets, sashes, something related to the theme and mini toiletries. For the brides bag you can go extra with pyjames, and the full outfit for the theme night if you are having one. 
The apartment/hotel room can be decorated with photos of the bride and the various guest, balloons, confetti, and candles. You could also do some large posters with famous couples, for e.g Beyonce and Jay Z, Posh and Becks, Will and Kate, and stick replace their faces with the bride and groom to be. 
If there are any friends who can't make the hen due to being in foreign lands, you could make face masks on lolly pop sticks, this is really fun and a nice touch for the bride.
Then there is the usual tack that makes the weekend cheesy and fun; blow up willy, willy straws, L plates, bubbles, and more general willy related items!
Don't forget the pink bubbles and a few cupcakes for the b2b!!!

I hope I have given you with some ideas for any up and coming hen weekends, and also as I said above I will do a follow up post on part games!

Có xx


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