Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hen Party Games Ideas

This is a follow up to my Hen Partaaayyyyy post and what I'm hoping to do is give you some ideas as to the funny silly things you can do at your hen party!

A lot of these ideas have come from my head, but others have come from brainstorming with a friend, television, and random googling over the months!!!

  • photo of the hen dancing with a policeman
  • photo of the hen dancing on a table
  • photo of the hen demonstrating a karma sutra position (assistance will be needed)
  • collect as many condoms as you can throughout the night
  • get advice from a married couple
  • use the cheesiest pick up line you can think of on a guy of your choice
  • Walk out of the toilet with your skirt tucked in your pants and keep it that way for at least one circuit of the club.
  • Fit the condom – How fast can you unwrap and put a condom properly onto a cucumber? Not so difficult? You can not use your hands! (we could do this that the person who gets it, picks  2 friend to do it with them)
  • Remove your bra without taking your top off and wear it over your top until you leave that pub
  • Whisper something saucy to the youngest barman you can find
  • In an allotted space of time you must collect: an empty bottle, a bus ticket, a beer mat, a menthol cigarette, an autograph from a stranger, a slice of lemon, a business card... AND you must learn a football chant for the local team!
  • Convince a man that you used to be a bloke!
  • Ask a guy if you can tell his fortune. Examine his palm and say "you are going to buy me a drink"
  • Propose to a guy you just met
  • Get a picture of you with the barmaid
  • get a stranger to burst a balloon by doing push ups on top of the bride.
These are just a few wee ideas, what you can do is pick the best/funniest and make a checklist for the bride! If you want to get everyone involved then you could write out a few more, put them in a bag and then the hens pick them out! This will all depend on the group of girls your with how up for it they are, but you will know that yourself!

You can also buy a lot of things like dare cards, pin the tale on the male, etc from online shops/ebay!

Another really good game to play is the Mr and Mrs Quiz. This means picking a list of questions and getting the groom to be to answer them, then you relay the same questions to the bride and if she doesn't get the correct answer she has to do a forfeit like shots etc.

Here are some of the embarrassing/funny questions you could include:

  • strangest place you have had sex
  • his favourite dinner
  • age you were when you first kissed
  • his worst habit
  • your worst habit according to him
  • his favourite alcoholic drink
  • who would he be if he was a superhero
  • his celebrity crush
  • his favourite position
  • his favourite underwear of yours
  • his favourite tv programme
  • his favourite film
  • his celebrity lookalike according to him
There are loads more questions you can put in that are appropriate to the bride and groom to be!!

Enjoy your games time!!

Có x


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