Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weddings via pinterest no. 6

This one is a bit random, just a mix of things that caught my eye! Enjoy!

too funny for a hen party!!
Seriously wish I could have made one of these for my friends hen recently. Flipping hilarious!!! The website features all sorts of willies!!!

what a lovely touch 
Secret Message For The Groom. That little bit of reassurance he may need! 

I think the groom is forgotten about sometimes on the day of the wedding, so I think this little touch from his b2b is fab. He will be bricking it as well, something as small as this could calm his nerves..

So her daddy could actually walk her down the aisle. This brings a tear to my eye

I'm sure we all have someone in our group of friends whose daddy will not be there to walk them down the aisle. These little photo attachments at the back of the shoes means that at least some part of their dad can be walking them down the aisle.

hahaha best way to pee in your wedding dress

It was ones of the first things I asked my friend at her wedding, 'how the hell are you gonna go for a wee without an entourage'. Wish I had seen this before hand, would have saved her a lot of hassle!!!


What an amazing vintage bridal look. I'm fascinator obsessed so I love love love this as an alternative to a veil! 

That's your lot for now, Có xx

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