Monday, 24 September 2012

A moment on the lips...

I got home last weekend for my friends wedding to a few goodies on my bed from my brothers lovely GF, thanks K xx 

She works in Pennys (Primark) and picked up these Catrice lip products for me!!! Needless to say I've been walking around the house in my pj's with amazing lips!!! (don't judge me)

060 Coralista, 040 Hello Darling!
080 Nude - Tritious

050 Simply Rosewood, 200 Get the Nudes Paper, 110 Cosnova

Here come the swatches!! 
Also if you think its better to show the colour on the lips please let me know in the comments section and I shall add more photos!!! :) 

Lets start with the glosses.....

1. Colour Show 080 Nude - Tritious"infinite colour lip gloss last up to four hours". This is defo the collection to go for if you are looking for more colour rather than shine. As well as looking yummy it smells delish, and I will definitely be donning this on my lips this A/W.

2. Lip Appeal 040 Hello Darling "instant moisture shine and volume lip gloss'. Really nice pinky color perfect for work or if you just want a nice subtle colour for day to night wear. Tastes chocolatty orange too!! Nom nom nom

3. Lip Appeal 060 Coralista. I'm not too sure how I feel about the colour to be honest. I think it might have been more summery but am still gonna whack it on my gob for a night out, def not brave enough for orange during the day.

I'm not usually a gloss person cause I hate my hair sticking to it but these three are not hair catchers so will def be using them right up!! 

On to the lipsticks.... 

These three come from the Utimate Shine Collection "the creamey soft texture always melts with your lips, provides intensive moisture and an elegant shine". I flipping love them all!!! 

1. This is a fab pastel colour 050 Simply Rosewood
2. I have been using the middle one 200 Get The Nudes Paper for day wear as it is really subtle.  
3. 110 Cosnova Looks really orangey and sparkly which kinda put me off a bit but after putting it on I really like it but again its def just for the evenings. 

These three lippys are just fab all rounders. They do not have a drying effect on the lips and stay on for a couple of hours. 

If you haven't tried Catrice lip products yet defo get yourselves down to your local pharmacy or Pennys and pick them up. They usually come in at about €3.50 so its not gonna break the bank, ye can't even get a coffee for this price sure!! 

Có x

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