Thursday, 20 September 2012

Coming or going?? I don't know...

The title of this post, pretty much sums up how I'm feeling at the moment!!

I have just moved back to Ireland on Tuesday and think I am only feeling the stress of moving country now. I know some of you might think that sounds dramatic, but its not, its the truth. Moving house and hour down the road is hard enough never mind doing it from one country to another.

When we decided we were heading back we looked at all the options we had.

1. Leave stuff behind and try get the necessities home in suitcases.

2. Get the Da to drive over in a van and get everything home

3. Find a company that will allow us to rent a van in UK and leave it in Ireland

4. Find some other way.

Oh ye I better explain the reason for this post is just to give people the heads up cause I found it really hard to find the best way to move countries so hopefully this might help some poor soul out there!!

Numero uno was eliminated straight away cause we have so many things e.g. t.vs, kettles, toasters, delph, helemets, motorbike, we couldnt justify leaving them all and trying to start fresh.

Numero two was working out to be really expensive, approx €700, i worked this out by calculating the cost of diesel, cost of the ferry, the cost of a hotel for Da to stay in.

Numero three was what we really wanted to do as the BF wanted to stick the bike on the back of it as it wasn't running the best. My god it is so hard to find any rental company that does this. If there are some they are very well hidden cause I failed miserably.

So after eliminating the first three I spent what seemed like hours looking for an alternative way to get stuff across the water. I eventually, and I mean eventually a forum that suggested using a company that shipped pallets. BEST IDEA EVER!!!!

It was a matter of googling pallet shipping companies, found one right away and the guy on the phone was really helpful. For a full size pallet and insurance it cost us £155.
So what do you actually do??
1. Find a pallet (needs to be sturdy enough)
2. Buy loads of decent boxes (online is your best bet for cheap ones)
3. Buy shrink wrap
4. Confirm when collection from your house will be and pack the pallet that day.
5. Have a tarpaulin at the ready to cover the pallet in case it rains.
6. Make sure its packed really well.

The BF took apart his bike, we got everything boxed up and sent home two pallets. As this was something we had never done before I was naturally a bit anxious that they would never arrive in Ireland, but low and behold they did, safe and sound. Easiest hassle free way to move countries. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Flying home with ryanair on a 15kg allowance, NOT so highly recommended. I only booked my flight to come home last min as I want sure when my contract was ending. I was being a bit tight and only paid for a fifteen kg bag thinking I would have loads of room. Well don't ever fool yourselves like I did. 15kg is def not enough for moving house. NEVER EVER!!!

I ended up throwing out half my clothes, having a cry, mental breakdown on the phone to the BF (who had flown home a week earlier) and repacking about 20 times (no exaggeration). And that was just the night before the flight.

In stansted I was still 2.5kg overweight, didn't have the £40 to pay for excess and really didn't want to either, ended up throwing out more stuff, packing my poor jansport rucksack to the hilt for carry on, and ending up in really shitty humour. Got it down to 15kg by wearing three jackets, hiding my handbag under my three jackets and wearing a pair of jeans over my leggings. Two tonne tessie coming aboard, I may need two seats!!!
Needless to say when i finally boarded the flight I just wanted a stiff drink and a cry (I was feeling very emotional)!!!

I finally got home to Countae Cill Dara in the worst humour ever. So not worth it. Take my advise kids, pack more on to the pallet, and pay for 20kg in the first place, and always know you will never have enough room. I still havent woken up in the best humour two days after that shitty day.

So basically to summarise all of that above, if you are moving from Ireland to UK or visa versa, get a pallet collection company to do it all, its hassle free and cost effective. Do not try and cram everything in to one suitcase and a school bag. Wearing 100 layers of clothing is never a good look.

Có xx

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  1. Ah god Cò, at least your home and you can use the story to laugh about at all the parties you'll be heading to now your back ;) x


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