Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Emmys Red Carpet - Not a fan!

The Emmys were on a couple of nights ago and I love love love looking at the red carpet dresses. Lets face it some celebs always manage to keep it right, but there are always a few that get it sooo sooo wrong....

Couldn't tell you who won what tbh, I'm only interested in the dresses!!!!

Here are a few that I didn't like so much...

(p.s these photos are all sourced from TV3 Expose twitter and, they were the best quality available online)


Reminds me of 80's, not in a good way!
Glenn Close

Way too under dressed compared to some
of the other beauts.
Kristen Wig

My oh my, where to start. One word - 

Sofia Vergara

I love Connie, but god I really dislike this
chain mail dress.

Connie Britton

It's not the dress I hate on Kat Dennings, its the bloody boobies out in the open for the world to see. If you have ginormous boobies, don't leave them hanging out like this. Not a good luck for anyone!!

Am I missing any other awful gunas?? If so please bring them to my attention. Or am I being too harsh, what do you think??

Best dressed to come in my follow up post!!

Có x

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