Saturday, 15 September 2012

Paralympics - Bravo!

Hello lovelies...

One of my friends asked me why I hadn't been writing as much lately, didn't even know she read all that often so that was a surprise, thanks V x

My absence can be explained by the crazy hours I have been working over the past couple of months for the Olympic and Paralympic games.

I wrote about my Olympic Experience here but let me tell you my Paralympic experience was just as amazing. I think a lot of people associate Paralympic games with people who have a mental disability and link it with Special Olympics. I think that London have done an amazing job of showing just how individual the Paralympic Games are and showcasing how flipping AMAZING the para-athletes are.

There was a lot of controversy as to the amount of television coverage Paralympic games received and I agree that there could of been a lot more, however I still feel that C4 coverage and the calibre of the presenters was top notch.

I feel that these games allowed us to ask some questions that before would of been tip toed around for the fear of offending someone. For instance C4 welcomed questions such as 'do you remove your prosthetic leg during sex'.

People are generally afraid of the unknown, as was I before I began studying disability sport. I do not mean this in any condescending way it really is just what I have seen in my experience. After watching the games I think that most of us will now not be as 'afraid' of openly discussing disabilities and asking questions that were once taboo.

The games had a way of getting us so involved that we perhaps forgot all about the disability and concentrated more on the amazing ability of the athletes, truly appreciated the hard work they have put in over the past 4 years in search for that gold medal.

Unless you were hiding under a rock and missed all of games coverage, you will have experienced that sense of pride as your countries athletes competed in an unbelievable manor.

I have said it before but I will say it again, I am so proud and grateful to have been part of the London 2012 games. I believe that the legacy that will be left behind will blow our minds in the next decade or so.

Well done athletes, volunteers, workforce and London.

It has been an absolute pleasure, once in a lifetime, and is something I will NEVER forget.

Có x


  1. Wow I'd say it was an amazing experience, it was definitely a great opportunity for everyone to truly realise how gifted those athletes are! Delighted for how well we did in them as well!

  2. team ireland were just amazing werent they :)


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