Saturday, 15 September 2012

What a day for a daydream...

Hello lovelies...

If you follow my twitter feed at all you will probably know by now that myself and my better half have decided that London is no longer for us and are making the move home to Ireland.

I posted a couple of months ago here basically pouring my heart out to you all about how difficult I was finding London. It hasn't gotten any better in the more recent months and I was in the mindset that as soon as my contract finished that I was getting the hell out of here and never looking back.

I've said it before, I do not want to put anyone of living in London, London is a great city but its just not for me.

Myself and the BF have made it this far somehow, but it hasn't been easy, he literally gave up everything to come here with me so that I could pursue my Olympic dream. He has had an even shittier time than I have and if I were in his position I'm not sure I would have stuck it out for so long. So if your reading this R, thank you & I love you xx

Now that the sloppy stuff is out of the way, you can get rid of the puke bucket, on to the serious stuff. When we came to a final decision to leave London, the next obvious question was 'where to next'... Do we stay in the UK and try make it work elsewhere. I was firmly on the Manchester bandwagon all on for moving to a smaller less expensive city, and really trying to get a career kick started up there. The BF as always was very accommodating and agreed. However he then took a trip back home, and had the realisation that 'there's no place like home'. When I got the call saying he didn't want to stay in the UK I felt a sense of shock and relief. I suppose somewhere in the back of my mind I didn't want to be the one that made the decision to go home. Ever since that call a huge weight has been lifted off both of our shoulders.

I truly can not wait to get back to Ireland, see all my friends on a regular basis, walk my dog in the curragh, look for a new place to live, meet fellow bloggers etc etc. The job scene really does scare the willies out of me but I am determined to make a life in Ireland therefore I will strive to get a job I want. I have realised that my degree may not necessarily get me a job now therefore I have decided to look outside the box and follow other things I have an interest in.

Jeeezzzz sorry didn't realise that this post was gonna be so long, so if your still reading, pat on the back for you!!

To conclude, I haven't felt this happy in a long time and I am looking forward to sleeping in my lovely bed in the parents house on Tuesday!!! :)

Có xx


  1. You're coming home! The next bloggers night out has your name on it young one! ;) x

  2. i know how exciting :) i was so jel that i wasnt at the other ones x

  3. Good luck Gorgeous! Can't wait to meet you!

  4. Welcome back to Ireland - At least you can say you had the experience! X

    1. thanks chloe, ive really tried so I can go home with no regrets! x

  5. Best of luck - and fair play for following your gut feelings. xxx

    1. Thanks Dee I'm hoping my gut was right :) xx


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