Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The unwritten rules of a commuter train..

 WARNING: I wrote this post yesterday evening in an over tired pissy humour!!!

I write this post sitting on the train with why I can only describe as an outsider on board.. By outsider I mean someone who clearly doesn't get the train after 6pm on a weekday... If he did he would know that it is simply not acceptable to play your music out loud on your phone, or game noises for that matter, he would also bloody well know that the whole flipping carriage doesn't need to hear your phone conversation! I don't care why your doing this weekend and I know by the looks he is getting from fellow passengers he might not make it to the weekend if he keeps this craic up..

Another thing that is an unwritten rule is that you don't make a nose dive for a seat beside someone when there are a shed load of other seats free, which is a rare occurence, almost treat on a commuter train home...

Please don't eat your smelly KFC or whatever the hell chicken it is on the train, most of us are starving waiting to get home after a long day in work. Small snacks are acceptable FYI..

If your texting please turn your message tone down, your not in school no need to prove to us all how popular you are receiving 100,000 txt messages!!

And last but no means least, under no circumstances must you engage in 'friendly' conversation with a stranger.. If someone has headphones in their era this is pretty much a sign that says do not engage in conversation with me.. Even if you know the person a polite nod or wave will do, I almost guarantee they have spotted you and have been secretly praying to the powers novel that you don't stop to have an awkward conversation with them.

Oh yeh btw it is NEVER cool to clip your nails in public never mind on a hot sweaty train you disgusting individual, hang your head in shame!!

If your are new to the commuting game these simple unwritten rules are a great guide to start with.. Please have some consideration for this of us out of bed before 6am with a long ass commute to work and don't get home until after 7pm each night!! When you have been in the commuting game for a while I'm sure you will have a few more rules of your own to add to the list.

If you are as narky a commuter as I am please do share with me what really gets under your skin on the train/bus (I was gonna include the luas but sure that's in a bloody league of its own)..

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