Friday, 9 November 2012

Wedding gifts from outside the box...

I was recently a bridesmaid for my best friend and it was my mission to have a few nice things for her the night before the wedding to calm her down and also to give the newly weds an ‘unusual’ present that they would have forever as such instead of giving them money. I felt this to be especially important as I was a bridesmaid and so I got my thinking cap on.

As with all things now a days most of our ideas stem from something we have seen online, with a bit of Don’t tell the bride thrown in to the mix. I have said it before and I will say it again, pinterest is the bee knee’s for ideas for basically everything in life, and to say a website can inspire you may sound ridiculous to those of you who have not been pinning, but you will understand when you get on the bandwagon.
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If you are a creative personality you will prob have 100’s of ideas of what are the best wedding gifts, but for now if you were like me and need help/inspiration here are a few of the bits I picked up!

FYI – I wont be telling you the prices of the things in case the bride is watching, but if you PM me on my twitter @coco_oscarwells, or email me I will gladly tell you!

‘I DO’ – diamante shoe stickers.
You can get these in a variety of places online. They simply peel off a sheet and straight on to the bottom of the shoe. I wasn’t too sure how they would go down but she really loved the novelty of them.  Plus they are new and blue – two birds one stone! If you wanted to get the groom ones too there are ones out there that have ‘HELP ME’ as the caption!! 

New perfume.
I read/was told that a new bottle of perfume for the wedding day is a good luck charm so needless to say I bought in to this and got the bride a new bottle of her fave perfume. I decided to go with the smaller size so that she could carry it for the day in someones bag if needs be. Alternatively you can get the travelo’s and pre-fil it with her perfume!

‘Just Married’ Flip Flops
As the newly weds were going on a sun honeymoon I new I had to get these ‘just married’ flip flops. They will (supposed to) leave imprints in the sand as you walk in marital bliss along the beach!! I think these got more use at the wedding reception than the honeymoon!!

Personalised Photobook.
Rather than getting a card, I decided a photo book would be a more personal touch and I could still say what I wanted in it. This was a DIY job that can be tailored. I basically got loads of photos of me and the bride, me and the groom, them together, their lil un, and stuck random things like bunting, doves, bells, champagne on the pages of a blank spiral note pad!! So easy yet so personal!! I love things like this, scrap booking etc so it was loads of fun!

Now for the piece de resistance, drum roll please….  (dunno what to really call this actually)
Personalised Framed Puzzle.
I saw a similar idea on pinterest and tailored it to suit my personality and the newly weds of course. I got two blank puzzles, alternatively you could buy one bigger one. The master plan was to get their nearest and dearest to write something on a piece on the wedding day and to give it to the bride and groom for them to piece it together, almost like a memory/guest book but more randomly put together. I didn’t really know what to put them so decided on a glass jar which I wrote different things on with a glass marker.

I also printed a poem which was to go in between the two puzzles in the frame, unfortunately I couldn’t find a frame big enough but I still rolled the poem up in to a scroll and popped it in the jar with the puzzle pieces. Instead of having the jigsaws laid out on a blank white page I set some nice textured paper on the inside to make it look a bit more ‘vintage’ I suppose. Opps before I forget, I kept two blank pieces for them to write their very own message on. I had the puzzle piece all ready to stick with double sided tape so all they had to do was piece them together and stick them down in the frame, easy peasy!!

This is probably the most thoughtful present I have given anyone and was so delighted that they both LOVED it. You can have your own take on this completely and as with anything you could tailor it to your personality! Alternatively if you are a bride/groom you could lay this out in the reception and use a blank puzzle instead of a guest book.

I hope I have inspired you a little bit with this post, I have zillions of other idea's floating around in my head that I will share with you in a follow up post.

Let me know if what amazing gifts you have given to your friends for their weddings..

Có x


  1. Aww they're such cute gift ideas!

  2. I am in love with the puzzle idea - It could be such a brilliant gift for 21sts. Christmas, etc! I may borrow the idea :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. This idea is really awesome. I will try to make one for the wedding of my bestfriend.

  4. These are all such great and thoughtful gifts! I laughed at your comment about the marriage day gift exchange, I recently mentioned that to my fiance and he refused to believe "it could be a thing.I seriously just love your necklace in those bridal photos. you create me wish i had worn one. it's perfect!!!! Wedding Gifts


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