Friday, 25 January 2013

Book Review - the Last Letter from your Lover - Jojo Moyles


I received this book off the boy for a Christmas pressie as I loved a previous book of hers that I had read, Me Before You (review to follow).

I find the way her books are written allow you to get lost in the storey, it doesn’t require much brain power (which I have very little left of at the end of the day), and keep you captivated until the very end. 

the Last Letter from your Lover is a gorgeous romantic novel that completely entangles you and made me want to be one of the characters so I could immediately know if it was a happy or sad ending.

The book is set between modern day and 40s/50s London. We are introduced to Ellie who is in the midst of an affair with a married man with whom she feels hopelessly in love with, and is sure he will leave his wife for her. She is a journalist who comes across ,in the archives, a love letter asking someone to leave their husband, from decades ago. To escape the reality of the shitty affair she is caught up in she immerses herself in finding the author of the letter, and that is how we are transported back to the 40s/50s London where women were essentially just a pretty thing that accompanied their husbands to events (well in high class society anyway). We share the story that is Jenny (a married woman) and her lover Anthony. Will they live happily ever after even though it appears life is determined to keep them apart? Is that letter truly the last letter from her lover?

As a lover of all things 40s/50s the descriptions of the clothes and style allowed my imagination to run away with me and I really wished I had a flux capacitor (Back to the Future fans) to bring me back to those days where I could be a mindless beautiful lady of leisure!!  

I also felt huge frustration at Ellie, just wanting to shake some sense in to her to tell her the affair was never going to work, but was I wrong and did it all turn out good in the end for her?

Each chapter is divided by a snippet of real life ‘last letters’ (letters/emails/texts) which the author sourced from real life people, and some famous ones too!

If you are looking for a romantic easy read to turn off all your real life thoughts in the evenings I highly recommend this book. I have another JoJo Moyles waiting to be read on the bedside locker and I can’t wait to get stuck in.
My one and only problem with this book is that it finished too soon; I wanted another 10 chapters to follow these great characters a bit more!

Have you read any of JoJo Moyles novels?? What did ye think??


  1. I've actually never read any of her books! This one sounds pretty good though, will add it to the ever-growing list of stuff I need to look for in the library. Great review!

    1. Its a great read, pretty cheap online too if you cant find it in the librabry, let me know if you like it :)

  2. Oooooh I'm fdefo gonna keep an eye out for this book, sounds really good :) i luv books that you get lost in and it takes you back in time, and even better that its rosemantic too :) Great review :) I'm intrigued now

    1. Oh stop the romance will woo you, i want my bf to write me letters now, NEVER gonna happen :)


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