Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Oh hello shine free face: Revlon Colorstay 24hrs

Revlon Colorstay 24hrs - Review
Oily/Combination Skin

So as always I am looking for something that will keep my shiney face at bay, and get me through the day without having to blot, powder, etc etc. My go to daily foundation is Lancome Teint Miracle or Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 hrs which I have ranted and raved about here and here, but over the past couple of weeks I have found that I havent been getting the whole day out of it like I used to, which is probably to do with the change in the weather.

I had read loads about Revlon color stay for oily/combination skin so decided to give it a go. 

Revlon claim that this foundation 'wears for up to 24 hours' and 
'flawless look, lightweight feel'.

  • Never have I had as good a color match as this one. The color range is quiet good with the two lightest shades coming in pinky and yellowy. I opted for the more yellowly one and picked up shade no. 150 'buff'.  I went extremely pale over the winter and this color is just as snow white as I am.
  • I 100% agree with the feel of this foundation being lightweight, I do not feel it on my skin at all, but yet I am getting quiet adequate coverage with it.
  • It is completely not transfer on my skin, and I am getting through the whole working day (7am - 7pm) without having to top up. I dont know about the 24 hour jazz as I would never have it on that long. 
  • Value for money @ €17.80 this is a great buy. 
  • Smells really nice too! 

  • It doesnt have a pump so I find the amount I use a little hard to control.
  • I am going to need some sort of color correcting primer, or perhaps just build it up more as I can still see my little red cheeks when I have it on.
I LOVE this foundation. I have wore it everyday since buying and have not been disappointed. I have been applying it with my real techniques buffing brush, and topping with Catrice Prime & Fine loose translucent powder (which I will also review), and apart from the bit of redness on my cheeks I would say I am achieving the flawless look Revlon are speaking about. The pros definately outweigh the cons in this instance.

Bravo Revlon, Bravo!!!!

Any of you lovely readers a fan of this product??

Có x

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