Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake Tuesday: Simple Recipe!

Pancake Choosssseeedayyyyy!!!!

I’m an out an out pancake lover, not the small fluffy American kind, the big thin crepe kind!

They are so easy to make so I don’t understand why people don’t have them more than once a year!!

Here is a simple fool proof recipe for some delish pancakes, this makes 8 pancakes! :
2 eggs
4oz plain flour
½ pint of milk

Mix all of the above in a bowl, I use an electric mixer for easiness sake! 
I don’t leave my mix to set etc, just use it straight away and they taste just as good!

Make sure the pan you’re using is really HOT!! Only use a small drop of oil for the 1st pancake, the non stick will be sufficient for the rest!

I pour my mix into a jug, its easier to pour into the pan that way.
Your first pancake will take a couple of mins, but after that they should only take 2-3 mins per pancake!

I made these puppies on sat!!

Serve with whatever you like, my fave is butter lemon and sugar!! Or a cheeky bit of nutella!!

What will you be having on yours today??

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