Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The A-Z of Me...

I saw this post over on Lisa’s blog http://scatterbrainedblogging.blogspot.ie and thought today, the day I turn 27, was a good day to share a few bits of pieces of me with you!

Addictions: Bearded men (I have one of my own now though)
Bed size: Queen
Chore you hate: picking up plates after people
Dogs or cats: Dogs dogs dogs dogs (to the theme of two and a half men in my strange mind)
Essential start of your day: Cuppa tae
The Power of Tea!
Favourite colour: Purple
Gold or silver: Gold, but not yellow gold, more the bronzey, white and rose gold kind.
Height: 5' 3"
Instruments you play (or have played): Piano (what a waste of my poor parents money)
Jobs titles you've had: waitress, operation line, admin, sub teacher, individual support, sales assistant, bartender, fleet team member, gym instructor!
Kids: Hell No… Someday though
Live: Ireland
Mom’s name: My MOM is my MA and her name is Carmel
Overnight hospital stays: 2, once for a biopsy on my throat, the 2nd for my tonsils out.
Pet peeve: People having loud phone conversations on commuter trains/buses
Quote from a movie: "if you’re a bird, im a bird”
Right or left handed: Right handed
Siblings: 1 brother, Rob,  he is very similar to Ross from Friends so much so my mother called him Ross by ‘mistake’ once
Time you wake up: 05:45am Monday to Friday… VOMIT
Wake up & be awesome- Solid words to live by.
Underwear: Always
Vegetables you dislike: String beans… ugh
What makes you run late: Doing my makeup
X-rays you’ve had done: Ankle a couple of times, and loads of chest xrays getting tested for TB
Yummy food you make: Peanut Butter Thai Curry
Zoo animal: Penguins, always a penguin.

If you have an a-z show me please cause I’m super nosey!!


  1. I came across this completely by accident, but I'm glad I did :) I love these kind of posts!

    (and thanks for the link!) xXx

    1. No need to say thanks, I love having a nose at these posts too!


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