Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentines Day : love/hate?

Valentines Day...

Does the word make you swoon or make you wanna get sick in your mouth a little??
Well if you haven’t made a decision yet let’s give you a bit of the history behind it and you can make up your mind then!

Valentine was a Christian Saint who was imprisoned for performing marriages for soldiers who were forbidden to marry, and even more shocking (close your gob) ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire.

While he was banged up, he healed & fell in love with his prisoners daughter, and before his execution he signed a note to her ‘from your valentine’.

February the 14th was declared St. Valentines day back in 498 A.D by some pope!

So if you haven’t already fallen asleep on your keyboard/phone/tablet etc etc after that snoring history lesson, lets crack on with the modern day element of this ‘holiday’.
Do you LOVE valentines day, do you love waiting to see if your ‘secret admirer’ send you a bunch of roses, have you used this holiday to let someone know you have your eye on them, are you secretly gutted when your other half doesn’t bother your arse to get you anything, or do you (like me) genuinely not give a shit and feel its just another day and a way for card and teddy companies to make money.

In school the TY’s every year went between the boys and girls school and you could send the person you ‘fancied the arse off’ a rolo in a box or a rose (VOMIT), again not something I ever bought in to.  But there were some of the girls in my classes that were so disappointed when nothing arrived at the classroom door for them, and their was always the smug ones sitting in the corner showered in roses.

Will you be getting your loved one with gifts, or will you be expecting the other half to get you loads and loads and LOADS of pressies to show you how much they car about you!! Is it solely down to a man in a relationship to do the V Day giving? Are you a singleton waiting for that red envelope to appear through the post box on the 14th!! Personally I like to be shown he loves me by random acts at different times of the year not just on one set day! 

Tell me tell me tell me!!

Có x

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