Thursday, 7 February 2013

My everyday makeup...

I haven’t done a make-up-y post in quiet a while so thought it was about high time I show you what is currently in my everyday make-up bag!

What you will need to bare in mind is that this is my ‘commuter’ weekday makeup bag that needs to fit in my handbag so its down to the bare minimum. During the week I tend not to over my make-up, can’t be rolling in to work looking like I used a trowl for my face!

Foundation: Lancome Teint Miracle €35 - Debenhams
In a glass bottle, so beware if you’re a dropper, this foundation has never let me down, it stays on me nearly all day, with a bit of powdering in between. It is oil free therefore suitable for those of you with oily/combination skin. The shade I have is a wee bit to dark for me but with a bit of blending I get away with it.

Concealer: Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer €14 - Boots
Love the packaging of this one, it comes in a little compact, mirror, pressed poweder, powder sponge, and two tones of concealer, lighter for eyes, darker for blemishes! TBH I don’t find a huge difference in the brightness of my eyes with this, it’s more force of habit at this stage. Prob not worth €14 either I’m afraid to say!

Eyebrows: No.7 eyeshadow €7.50 - Boots
        Essence eyebrow pencil €2 (app) – Pennys/Primark & local chemists
       Essence eyebrow clear gel €2 (app) - Pennys/Primark & local chemists
Since I’ve started filling in my brows I don’t know how I ever used to not fill them in. I use the brush on the pencil lid to sort them out, then define their shape with the pencil. The color of the pencil is really good and texture too. I use the eyeshadow to give them a bit more ‘depth’ and then the gel to finish it all off! Don’t worry i’m not sporting a scouse brow (yet!!!)

Eyes: Soap and Glory Thick & Fast €10 (app) - Boots
          Catrice white eyeliner €2 (app) - Pennys/Primark
Love this mascara, they brush is a really decent size on it, no clumps and really widens up the eyes in the morning. The white eyeliner is also a great trick for making your eyes appear brighter and larget than they really are!

Powder: 2 True £2 - Superdrug
Cheap as chips powder that does for the day time, wouldn’t say it’s the best in the world, but if you are looking for something that you want to carry all the time and no be afraid of it breaking, give it a go!! Color is pretty neutral too so works a treat!!

Blush: Essence €3 (app) – Pennys/Primark & local chemists
Picked this up in Pennys/Primark with the thoughts of if its crap its only a few euro! I was pleasantly surprised as the rose color which is perfect for the day time. I wouldn’t say it is overly pigmented but it does give me that rosey glow I need to make me look more human in the morning!
LipsVaseline €2.50 (app) – anywhere
I don’t do lippy in work so just use a bit of Vaseline to add some moisture and shine!

Here are the makeup brushes I use to apply all a that slap!!!
Foundation – Real Techniques buffing brush (core collection €26.99 – Boots)
           Real Techniques pointed foundation brush (core collection €26.99 – Boots)
Blush – Real Techniques contour brush (core collection €26.99 – Boots)
Concealer - Real Techniques detailer brush (core collection €26.99 – Boots)
Powder – I stole my moms so no idea where its from!
Eyebrows – Avon eyeshadow brush – only €3.25 currently 
So that’s the tools in my makeup bag to make me look more human like every morning! I’m on the hunt for a great primer for oily skin so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

If you have any links to what’s in your everyday makeup bag please link me, I love to have a nose!!

Có x


  1. I absolutely love that foundation, it's so beautifu l on!

  2. I used to never fill my brows in, now I think I look weird if I don't

    1. Oh stop its like an addiction now, i cant leave the house without them done!! fringe or no fringe!


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