Monday, 4 March 2013

Cost of an Irish Wedding : For Guests

How much (on average) does your typical wedding cost YOU as a guest?

So we all know I’m a lover of weddings but after speaking with my Dad last week I realised that being invited to weddings can be some peoples worst nightmare, not because they don’t want to go, but because they genuinely can not afford to go.

It’s all very well for me to say (no mortgage/car/worries) ah surely you would scrape it together, but for some people who are living week to week/ month to month it is simply not feasible.

If only we all had one of these!!!

So lets have a quick look at the cost of a wedding for your average couple. I know this will vary but lets do this under the pretence that you have to buy a new dress, shoes, shirt.

Joint costs:
Present: €100 - €150
Hotel: €120
Spending money: €200 

Hair: €15
Suit dry cleaned: €20 
New shirt & tie: €60

Tan: €25
Hair: €25
Dress : €100
Shoes : €40
Bag : €20  

Ladies total: €210
Mens total: €95
Joint total: €470
Total cost: €775

Holy Moses, €775 - i could get a week in Spain for that!! I am shocked, genuinely, now that I have totted this all up. I'm turning that age that my friends are starting to get married, how the hell am I gonna afford them all when they are in full swing. Jesus!!

Have there been a lot of weddings in your circle recently? How much on average did it cost you? have you had to make tough decisions on which ones to attend?? I am genuinely interested in what people make of being invited to big weddings these days. Let me know!

Có xx

(I'm also gonna follow this up with a few posts on how to do a wedding on a budget)



  1. Thats madness when you put it like that isn't it!! I had 3 weddings last year within 5 wks! its defo a pricey business! I took advantage of 10e curly blow dries for me wig and done my own make up and tan to 2 outta the 3. .i had to really!! The present is defo the tricky bit!
    I'm bridemaid at the end of this year for my best friend and I'd say i'll have to give 300-400 as a pressie!
    I have my work colleagues 150e & shes my bestest bud!! I best start saving!
    Great Post :)

    1. You were deasd right doing your own tan for sure with all those weddings!!!
      I was a bridesmaid in sept and instead of giving them a cash gift, i wanted something more personal, i did a post on it actually, she loved the presents i got her and they were def appreciated more than a cash gift, maybe this could be an alternative to giving that much cash, i no that one of the other bridesmaids bought the bride her wedding jewelerry as her gift.

  2. This is actually scary! None of my friends are getting married anytime soon, the last wedding I was at was two summers ago for my godmother. She (Very generously) paid for my hotel room & because it was a family wedding & I had just turned 18, I didn't have to pay for drinks, etc. I thin it's definitely a case of recycling a dress, doing your own hair, etc!

    1. chloe start saving now for when they all do get married :)

  3. Jesus!!! I swear to God my husband and I didn't even spend that on ourselves for our own wedding, he calls an invitation a summons. We had a very tight budget for ours, I DIYed everything I possibly could and we kept costs down as much as we could. We picked somewhere close to where we're from so an awful lot of people didn't have to pay for a hotel, they got a bus home. I've a wedding coming up in June and I genuinely don't know how we'll afford it - the hotel is €140 a night, so after that and the present, I'll definitely be doing my own hair & makeup and wearing something I've worn before.

    1. OMG 140 just for the hotel.... It really is scary when added up... Ive none this year so far thank god.


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