Thursday, 21 March 2013

Outfit of the day : 80s (apparently)

Monday was a casual day, so I went for jeggings, boots and a slouchy jumper. My brother laughs every time i wear this cause apparently its ‘something dodgy from the 80s’ but I LOVE IT so p off Rob!!
Jumper : Forever 21 approx. €25 (at Christmas time)
Jeggings: penny's/Primark €11
Boots : River Island €80
chain: accessorise

Rings: History of Ireland Ring : Fields
Leafy: Penny's €2
Greeny: Penny's €3
Nail polish: Barry M - mint
Sorry about the late posting btw, my comp is acting the eejet!!

Có x


  1. I love the necklace! I'm so attracted to big chunky things, if I took off my jewelry I'd prob be a stone lighter haha! The mint is so nice too x

    1. I LOVE NECKLACES, i have way too many, i keep saying im gonna make my own!!

  2. Nice match with the nail varnish and the ring!


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